1. 2:1 screens are CIA (constant image area), well technically 2.05:1 would be CIA. The advantage of CIA is that both 16:9 and 2.35:1 are similar sized screens, opposed to CIH or CIW where either vertical or horizontal masks significantly reduce the size when switching to the other aspect ratio. Another pro to 2:1, a lot of streaming services are going to that aspect ratio, as it matches the ratios of smartphones.

  2. Buy 4K discs, then use makemkv to rip a lossless copy. 4K rips are large and will quickly fill up your HDD, so look into building a NAS.

  3. If your willing to drop some bucks on a screen, motorized masks are really cool. 150” CIW from SeymourAV runs about $5500.

  4. It’s easier to sell a new in the box item than one you’ve been using for 5 years

  5. For soundproofing regular drywall is often doubled up and decoupled from the wall.

  6. I forgot to mention I don't have room for a conventional projector. Ceiling height, noise and heat where all reasons I decided not to use one initially. Would have worked if I could have gone outside of the room with it but it's flanked on 3 sides with 10" concrete exterior walls.

  7. Since you are after 100”, you can buy a 98”TV for $5k now. Obviously not OLED, but a TV will have better PQ than any projector.

  8. True. Maybe I should just hold out for a larger OLED that will be in that 5k range in the next few years. I see they have 83" now but I don't think thats a big step up from my 77".

  9. Just to put things in perspective, that 98” TV will surely have a better PQ than a $26k JVC NZ9. A projectors advantage comes from size, an advantage that is waning as TVs start getting bigger and bigger.

  10. It’s a beautiful room. This is the wrong sub to say this in, but I’d argue no TV is best. One is a aesthetics killer, 2 turns it into a basement man cave.

  11. Nah, I agree with him. That's not the room to be using for a home theatre room. The man may not have another viable room, though.

  12. A 77” OLED is a lot closer to your price range and will give you a much better picture than even the most expensive projector you can buy.

  13. I had a lot of crosstalk on my 5040UB as well. Maybe it’s a problem with that line of projectors? Perhaps other Epson owners can chime in with their 3D experience.

  14. I wouldn’t touch one, due to their past history of SXRD panel degradation. Maybe this defect wont occur in their new laser models? We will know in a year or two.

  15. Yes. This temporary screen was $40 and is still here after 2 weeks. I am planning to buy a 120 inch fixed screen this weekend and then start to focus on speakers

  16. Since your are also planning on speakers, you should consider what type of speakers you will ultimately using before purchasing your screen.

  17. Waaaay out of my budget for a decent acoustically transparent screen but I did learn something new here. Thank you

  18. What’s your budget? A lot of people DIY their own AT screen. They buy the screen fabric, then stretch it over a wood frame they construct. This can be done for < $500

  19. I believe you are overestimating the importance of native 4k and laser.

  20. I'll confirm, but will it always be labelled? The wire I have has a thick white pvc outer shell on the wires, figured they'd be acceptable for in wall runs

  21. Thanks, I'll check it out before running. Cl3 over cl2?

  22. CL2 and CL3 are both in wall rated, CL2 up to 150v, CL3 up to 300v. CL3 can be used anywhere CL2 can, and some building codes require CL3

  23. Your projector lens is not perpendicular to your wall. That’s also the reason the top of the image is larger than the bottom.

  24. The kefs are gigantic and feel awkward in the space. Also can block view of tv from certain angles. I used to have the kefs laying sideways on the tv console but that was too low and felt awkward.

  25. I see space to the right, Is there a reason you can’t widen your setup?

  26. That’s a pancake box for electrical, it’s not meant for mounting projectors. Since the knockouts are still in place, it implies it was never used for electrical. Which also implies someone who had no idea how to install a projector did this for you.

  27. I love how the best shape for a speaker surround is an undulating, folded scrotum, so elegant.

  28. Not enough ventilation. Why not put the receiver on top of your cabinet, to the left or right of your UST projector.

  29. If you want to do the LLDV hack to get DTM then get the 820. Here’s a couple links if you are unfamiliar:

  30. Forget about Atmos. Your $1600 would be much better spent replacing your LCR with capable speakers.

  31. lol. You have to have a sound system first. If you have to ask, probably best to just put a tv on a stand in front of it for a while, make sure it’s something you want to get in to. It’s going to cost many thousands of dollars… if you can afford that after just buying a house, then pay someone to set it up.

  32. If you mean it’s going to cost thousands because he is going to take his first step into the world of home theater and eventually develop upgradeitis, fair enough.

  33. For $3k the 5050 is a great projector. If you are willing to spend more than that, skip the LS12000($5k) and go up to a JVC RS1100($7k). The contrast, black levels and tone mapping you get from the JVC are far superior to the Epsons

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