1. On that wheel-to-wheel stuff, he's too nice, doesn't get his elbows out. When everything goes his way, he's one of the best out there, "BUT" everything has to go his way.

  2. I assume the probability of there being a proper workaround of BPF is quite low.

  3. You remember the name of the series? I can't find it

  4. Go to the actual UN website of these committees and look at the topics being discussed.

  5. Settings > Notifications > Notification dot on app icon

  6. I didn't know privateers existed in WRC, thanks for the answer.

  7. Their used to be A LOT of privateers back in the day. Even upto 2011-12.

  8. Unfortunately, I'm located in Asia and I've never seen chairs give out markschemes.

  9. I am too, and I have seen both kinds. Some chairs haven't given out marksheets after the conference.

  10. There isn't any news on this. Either on TV, or the papers. I find that quite surprising

  11. As an average Indian I don't care unless he wins. Maybe that's why no coverage.

  12. That is actually a possibility. He was quickest in the shakedown today. Rally starts tomorrow evening. If he keeps his nose clean, he has a definite shot at victory, come Sunday.

  13. Superspecials are always nice to watch. So look out for the one on Thursday. If you're not free to watch every stage live, you can catch up on the wrc website's live updates or on ewrc-results.

  14. I think there is a 30day trial period wherein you can get a full refund.

  15. Problems with streams occur only at the transmission end because signals don't properly reach the plane due to trees, dust, etc. And even rhat only affects the stream from heli/in-car, etc. Comms and on screen graphics work fine.

  16. Between here and emails at work, I think only about a quarter of what I write in response to what others have said ever gets sent. I'm certain it's better that way.

  17. Seems easier if you have a different name for everyone but your friends to just change your username to that name and then have a nickname with just your friends.

  18. I had been doing that previously. My username as the common thing I want for subreddit servers and a nickname for the server where my irl friends are. But because my username gets displayed on direct messages, it got confusing for them.

  19. Not sure about rewatching, but if you want to see images, maybe the mcklein image database will have some from Dakar 2007

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