1. The Iceberg is awful. It drives me up the wall when he fucks up and doesn’t even bother to edit it out. Just pauses and tries again

  2. I'm certain he did that on purpose just to mess with us.

  3. Lets see what you come up with, full of effin' and jeffin' n' that.

  4. Would love to see what Kody could do, man is unreal in a pavememt sprinter.

  5. I am very overwhelmed by it. And videos generally unless I'm in a particular mood. If anyone ever texts me a video link I can't even bring myself to watch it :/

  6. This. I have never, and will never download the app, all my friends know this yet send me tiktok links daily. I do not watch them i just act like i did.

  7. I'm self-diagnosed, myself. I was diagnosed with Social Anxiety as a kid and I have reason to believe that I was misdiagnosed.

  8. This exactly. I'm self-diagnoased because it's literally the best i can do without bankrupting myself. I have insurance and it doesn't even cover it. It's not that i accept my self-diagnosis a good enough, it'a literally the best i can do.

  9. You're right, I forgot about that knock. The outcome I think will still be nothing. Neither knows the other one. Irving might say "oh sorry wrong house" or something like that.

  10. I feel like Burt will answer the door, and o Irving will wonder why he is at his exes house.

  11. Thats what i think, they were both so drawn to each other and had all those deep moments with the paintings.

  12. Roger Waters (that's the pink floyd one)

  13. Not New York per say, but this is literally me lol. Just decided to "hop in and plan" in my city. Proceeded to spend 5 hours adding onto an already massive building. But i do love minecraft something fierce.

  14. I just did, where should i go to get the wheel settings to show up? thank you :)

  15. If memory serves that should be it, i'd hop back in and see if it's popping up. You shpuld also be able to open up the Logitec software and see if everythings reading properly.

  16. "I've always wanted to make a album the entire family could enjoy, focusing on the children." Roger Waters at the release party for The Final Cut (1983)

  17. Oh yea, i love getting lost in a world of something new. Most recently, i watched a ton of videos about CED, and now i could easily tell you all about the Selectavision CED Video Disc. I'll probably never use any but i eat up stuff about old electronics and video game systems. I get sucked down a new rabbithole all the time thanks to Technology Connections and Techmoan.

  18. Still don't know why they don't use a big hot air balloon as a replacement.

  19. For years i've said they should get one of the ride-able ones that is on a teather, and give folks rides. I've always wanted to get a birds eye view of IMS.

  20. Safety protocol. Generally if anything breaks they get shut off.

  21. Also in some instances they leave the turf under a layer of plywood cloth and dirt for the show, so they will shutoff to prevent (further) damage to the turf field.

  22. I once got a text from someone about buying my house, so i replied by copying and pasting his "if you do not come clean right now" outburst. The whole kacey really cares for you man thing as well. Poor guy knew exactly where i'd gotten it from.

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