1. Don't let the following disuade from using M1 Finance. I like the app and the service I've received. I do recommend them too friends and family.

  2. Don't take offense (someone here certainly will! Just observe the down-votes I'm sure to get) but your last point isn't a good one for a long-term buy-and-hold platform.

  3. Because when you can draft a DUDE. You draft a DUDE.

  4. If I were to theoretically try this I would buy on the date of record to catch the drop in price and hold it until it recovers from the following drop after payout.

  5. My guess is that OP wants to do a dividend ladder that sees contributions every month. I've (incidentally) done this and felt that my January payers were a little lacking compared to my February and March payers.

  6. If you like IPAs then Hoplark hoptea (you can order them on Amazon) should work well for you.

  7. I like BST but only because of the price of the underlying components have been beaten down so heavily. It's at a decent entry price for me. I have some BST.

  8. I also have an ESPP that would be transferred from E-Trade. Some things worth noting from what I've personally experienced

  9. IMO pairing SCHD equally with SCHG (Schwab Growth ETF) and a minority monthly payer (O, a bond fund, JEPI/Q, it's your choice) works pretty well. Maybe 40/40/20?

  10. I went as an Atheist and simply didn't affirm God's existence in any of the prayers/meditations. The desire to stop drinking and underlying values and ideas are what matters, not whether you share a religion with anyone else.

  11. So you pick a program, cut out whatever you don’t like, and claim to work the program?

  12. I'd be very careful about how I'd phrase that. I still did the steps, still proclaimed the sanctity of my family and my health as my higher power, still participated in the group meetings, I simply didn't utter the name of God while there.

  13. I would anticipate the dividend yield returning to the 7ish percent that it had in the bull market. This is nothing to sneeze at, it may offer some price appreciation in that circumstance as well. It might still be worth having in your own portfolio if you want to have a focus on cash flow.

  14. You can find quality yields with strong compounding growth. I like and own Discover Financial Services (DFS) for this reason.

  15. On one hand, if someone said that the top ten holdings of RDIV were in their individual stock portfolio, I wouldn't bat an eye. The companies don't scream out at me, granted I haven't done a DD on most of them, though I've seen that the Dividendology and Global Value channels on YT have covered most of them. This fund is probably worth a deeper look.

  16. I can't speak for Kent County or any of their judges but I have read through the Ottawa County Friend of the Court manual I would expect it to be fairly similar.

  17. Not sure that matters to family court. Truth be told, I was kinda speaking from my personal circumstances 😂. I'm sure you're going to be fine.

  18. How does schg compare to voo in terms of growth? I have schd and voo currently. But looking at drip calculator, schg looks like it has outperformed voo since 2010. Am I missing something? Or would switching voo for schg be a smart move

  19. That's exactly my thinking. SCHD and SCHG individually are better than VOO in the one thing they're designed to do and as a pair they've been better than VOO from what I've been able to find.

  20. I agree. I've had to fiddle with percentages on occasion when one company gets a bit over valued

  21. Rule of thumb: if you're an American that receives a check from the Treasury after filing your taxes you probably have little to worry about regarding taxes. While you're at it, might as well elect to not have your income taxes withheld as well.

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