Guys, BBBY's Base Free-Float is so Low, we can DRS it Very Fast.

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  1. They will start making king Charles mint. All the old coins/notes will be fazed out over a year or so.

  2. Garner. Holgate. Godfrey. And the Beast of Borehamwood Rondon. When all fit I think it's a solid squad.

  3. Once again we have a factual statement that is downvoted into oblivion. Q. If you guys are so good at DRS why has the stock gone from $30 to $7.80 in the past two weeks? A. Because the company is going out of business.

  4. So why are you in this group them. Let us make the mistakes and you go on your merry way.

  5. Anyone who thinks Frank isn't improving our play is crazy. We are looking better every game.

  6. Sounds like they will be selling 12m at different points. Most likely if it spikes high they will off load some.

  7. Down 25% on 7m shares traded. 130m traded yesterday. So saty calm it will be a good day.

  8. Parker just getting the sack to ruin your odds!

  9. They had the worst start for any team Arsenal City Liverpool in the first 4. Didn't think he was even in the running for the sack

  10. Better than losing money which is what is going to happen to people holding the stock still. It will drop below 11 dollars before the end of the week.

  11. It is better than losing. But betting 3500 to make 250 on a company you think is shit is a little sus.

  12. Am not masons biggest fan but he's looked solid this season (so far) He will put his body on the line. He starts over Keane evertime I think. I also agree this post is irrelevant.

  13. You think we were better than Villa last week???

  14. Villa have won 3 of the last 14 premier league games. Everton burnley and Norwich. They are not looking like a good team at all.

  15. Put them on GME orphans. You will get some karma. Feed the bot there.

  16. 24 hour time line. Yesterday you didn't know shit and today you taking shit.

  17. If you use etoro money app it's free to transfer money out. You can also transfer it straight into IBKR and takes less than an hour to settle.

  18. I didn't realise I could send it straight to IBKR, that would save even more time!

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