1. If they have teeth, don’t reach in their mouth to remove your hook…!!!😂 best advise I can give.

  2. It’s all shot by shot, club by club. Yes you can figure out the driver and long iron quickly. All clubs are close to a general wing chart with a power 3 ball.

  3. Absolutely fucking not…!!! The carts leak bad… I lost half of my Maui Wowie cart and almost destroyed my brand new Yo Can.

  4. Wrap it up in the Christmas paper you have there and send it to a friend…!!!!!💨💨💨🤣

  5. U just talked me into a decarb breakfast 😆 Maybe have the wife drive the family downtown for a zoo day. Supposed to be beautiful outside!

  6. New Pen is great…. Now go and get some real carts to smoke in it…!!!!💨💨💨

  7. It will last as long as you keep smoking those fake ass carts….!!!!!!

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