1. Transgender women aren’t “hes” why do y’all love being transphobic soo much? Why do you love being needlessly combative and rude?

  2. Yup. Doctors. If you want a reputable source that give your what they say are giving you. That is the system we have for trusted drugs.

  3. they have no record because they sold your record for data harvesting

  4. Mate I quit bongs ages ago because of this sinking tight chest feeling, got no other MC at the moment too so just gonna have to bin this and have nothing till tomorrow or when I can get a product i trust. Heartbroken and out of pocket and feel so anxious. Shit effects too you are baked as for 20 mins then feel weird and anxious…just like pgr! So sad atm

  5. Looks like PGR has infiltrated the Med Market, Sadly was only a matter of time🥲

  6. Im gonna make sure everyone knows about this crap. Save people from what im going thru right now (chest pain/high anxiety/headaches)

  7. parramatta, silver water, mary wade, long bay, all east of park lea

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