1. And the height of the bottom pieces wood are different. So many questions!

  2. Reminds me of Tugg Speedman in Scorcher 6: Global Meltdown.....here we go again....and again

  3. The people who think a longer run time means a more faithful adaptation are really ignoring a lot of precedence. The Hobbit, a book that’s approximately 300 pages, got three nearly three hour movies and they still cut characters, brought in other characters who don’t appear in that book, and even created entirely new characters.

  4. These people are beating a dead horse and wouldn’t know good film making if it danced naked in front of them wearing Dobby’s tea cozy

  5. Sigh I was playing my seasoned ps3 and modded psp before work tonight lol

  6. Yeah it would be great to go around giving pearl necklaces to people in th game

  7. Did you notice the A and S key look like there is a hole burned through the center and the space bar also has somthing starting on it too

  8. “Don’t make me choose between my country and you. You’re like a bother to me!”

  9. Are we just going to carry on with our days like we hadn’t read the name Stefnie?

  10. I also tell jokes on Reddit with sarcasm without using the /s, but people here never get them so I gave up lol

  11. I just save a rocket for Salazar or buy another. They’re not that expensive and worth the ammo and health items you save

  12. Salazar is actually pretty easy for me. Shotgun to the eye and then use a magnum when he pops out.

  13. By that time I used a magnum on the verdugo and gigantes and usually don’t have ammo for it, depends on the run though

  14. Can’t wait until the hunger games become real and we can see how fast all these armchair survivalists puss out

  15. This is the absolute truth. I cannot afford to live in the Getto I grew up in.

  16. Everyone loves being self sufficient. But you can try calling a friend. Or asking a coworker who you are friendly with. Or call up your local LDS church say you are "Curious about the church" and make the missionaries move it for you.

  17. It also helps to not worry about filming yourself as moving can be tough enough as is

  18. The lyrics may be nonsensical, but the melody is the real narrative of the song, and there’s definitely some stuff going on there.

  19. I finally uninstalled it because i have gotten 1 lobby that had more than 5 people in over a month. Even on weekends.its so few people the match won't start.

  20. I bet it’s Because the game that was going fell apart, likely due to host issues so they all jumped to get into the next one that went up

  21. it depends a lot on whether or not you're trying to minmax your squad or not and what difficulty/mode you're playing on. generally the way you reclass units is by bouncing them around base classes to get their good skills and then once you've gotten all the base skills you want, u promote them into an advanced class to get more skills before putting them into their final class, at which point they should be mostly maxed out.

  22. Your advice is making me hate every article I’ve read about the game now lol. Almost all say to wait til 20 to reclass

  23. it really depends on the unit. if a unit can second seal into another base class that has good skills, they generally want to do that ASAP before promoting into advanced classes. if a unit has already been promoted and leveled a bit, i probably wouldn't demote them because the stat loss and xp gain reduction will make feeding them xp miserable. it's nothing to worry about unless you're on a maddening playthrough, tho. if you somehow manage to completely ruin a unit (difficult in this game), the game gives you plenty others to use. plus child units are so much more powerful than their parents that it's absurd.

  24. Cool, thanks brotendo. I may give some of the older games a try as well, I love retro gaming, any to aim for or avoid?

  25. It means a shit ton of less trouble for the victims; they don’t have to be dragged through the mess for years on end and can just work on survival.

  26. On the one hand this is not at all a good way to read the books, but on the other it's really funny

  27. For AFFC and ADWD it matters far less. I did this for both books because I wanted to know what was going on in certain storylines and not be sidelined with random shit

  28. I did this for Affc and Adwd. They’re so disjointed anyways and very little of what happens in one chapter affects the others outside of Cersei’s. Brienne’s journey for example has fuck all to do with anyone else’s, same for Sam outside of the one Darepn chapter and Arya

  29. never thought i'd see these bands mentioned in a RE post lol. rock on dude

  30. Lol I had a friend who loved the lead singer. I like his stuff but man his fans were a type haha

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