1. I mean, I was on 70k when I got my 480k loan. But it was 2021, I had a large deposit and interest rates were 2%.

  2. The best bit is that on tutors' earnings, the fees approximately equalled the mandatory contributions into UniSuper.

  3. Sure but not deep enough in nature to be 100% off grid. There are cell towers on mountains deep in Alaska, we were places that didn't have another human for 100 miles and I could still get texts to go out. Same with sailing, most of it is lakes and coastal. I sailed 200 miles up the Texas coast and only went completely out of coverage a couple times.

  4. Billions of people go off grid in Australia? That's pretty impressive for a country of 25 million.

  5. If you think the whole world has mobile coverage in national parks and deserts and shit, you're deluded. But this is reddit, so sure.

  6. Maybe one day fighters will be smart enough to realize collective bargaining benefits all of them

  7. They get punched in the head for a living, so probably not

  8. Why is it high risk? Seems like a very steady safe job

  9. No dummy, a $50 spend to get $10 off. Flybuys regularly sends offers to get 10k points if you spend $50 a week for 4 weeks, which is just ordinary shopping. The regular points per dollar spent are irrelevant.

  10. I’m glad that worked for you. Spraying a flammable material on a mattress isn’t the best way to treat them.

  11. Is it next to a heat register/vent? Electronics? A phone being charged? Does anyone smoke in that room? Any candles burning? Anybody use a hair dryer/flat iron too close to it/while sitting on it? Any ceramic or other room heaters in use, in there?

  12. A phone being charged will not set some alcohol or a mattress on fire.

  13. I would do unspeakable things to be able to run Office 2003 and Windows XP on a modern machine. I wish they'd never updated their GUI.

  14. So true, everyone knows property only goes up 👆 doubles every 7 years moite 🔥 economic crashes only happened in the past bro 🚀 it's infinite growth from now on 💪

  15. Maybe it is sad because protections in law should exist to ensure employees are treated with respect.

  16. I think the point of over employment is to do multiple jobs in the same regular working hours.

  17. Possibly, or just meeting expectations by working efficiently

  18. What is stopping me from dressing like this, I wonder? (of course with fake tiger pelt)

  19. Just don't waltz up to the white house in this garb

  20. We’re not “screwed” - this is by design. It’s an action by the RBA to cool the entire economy down to get prices lower again by draining everyone’s money, so no one has money to spend anymore thus reducing demand.

  21. Prices are never going down. That's deflation, which the RBA explicitly doesn't want (and can't get anyway). What they're aiming for is lower but positive inflation, forever.

  22. I mean it's literally their mandate, but mild positive inflation is considered good for the economy because it encourages people to spend rather than wait and buy cheaper

  23. Even the Japanese example shows how willing states are to accept arbitrarily high military losses. They fully intended to keep grinding even after Hiroshima. It took the Nagasaki nuke to show them their civilian losses would be total and in short order if they didn't surrender.

  24. God damnit I hate nukes. Fighting Russia with conventional weapons would be hilariously easy for NATO.

  25. I mean if Mikey cared that much he could’ve absolutely let go at any point and prevented further damage. He clearly felt in the moment that a win, a belt and the possibility of 50k was worth more than one moron’s leg or he would’ve just let go. I don’t think we need to feel sorry for the man willingly choosing to break someone’s leg.

  26. I think we do need to feel sorry for the trauma that it's clearly caused him by his own admission. He shouldn't have been put in that position

  27. If it’s so traumatic then just don’t do it. He chose to do that. He could’ve let go at any time. There’s multiple people in here saying a better strategy might’ve been to let go and go for a choke. Mikey also said he chose not to do that because the leg breaking was so effective. He can’t have it both ways.

  28. You're the mentally ill troll get off this sub and go be a cat pussy somewhere else

  29. Lmfao what even? Learn some basic science you conspiretard

  30. I would actually rather study math cause it's less boring than fighting with you lol sorry there's better things to do and with that said I'm done typing

  31. Either way, it's 52 properties that could otherwise permanently house people but are instead being used for profiteering.

  32. You mean they're being used to house people. For profit. So the same as a landlord.

  33. I remember when people were genuinely upset that they had to abandon the name. Now it's spoken of in hushed tones like "can you believe the sub used to be named that??"

  34. I should have clarified: it is clumping bamboo not running so doesn’t have the root spreading concern.

  35. Are you sure? How do you know? Lots of people sell creeping bamboo as clumping.

  36. Dispense with the roof over your head and wear a hat

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