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  1. It's very fucked for other AFC teams that they went right from Brady to this dude.

  2. i'm basically in a three point stance facing the middle of the platform. ain't no way someone gonna push me onto the tracks.

  3. Josh’s elbow would start bleeding again every other game after that, he’s a tank but I’m still worried about it

  4. I’m also worried long term, but I don’t think the blood is related

  5. Chris Simms still thinks that Zac Wilson is the best QB

  6. Wish I could remember where I heard him, literally days ago, say even if the Jets got Rodgers he’d hold on to Wilson because he can be something some day. Might have been Stugotz’ show. The guy just can’t let it go.

  7. Nice to see First Team All-Pro Matt Milano be called up for the dodgeball game in place of someone who played 10 games

  8. That tells you everything you need to know about the Pro Bowl!

  9. Ha yeah, it’s not even that big of a deal, but it is stupid!

  10. We need a picture of Frazier/McDermott having our corners line up 10 yards behind the 1st down markers on 3rd down.

  11. You might not think it’s smart to blitz a DB from depth on 3rd and 7, while keeping the corners in a deep zone, in a game where quick passing hurt us all game…but that’s because you’re right.

  12. y'all like to say week 3 was Miami's Super Bowl but it was obviously the Bills Super Bowl....since they lost.

  13. I can't believe that there are actually a bunch of conspiracy theorists out there that think Hamlin is dead and they used a body double yesterday. Strange times we live in.

  14. When I first saw that, I couldn’t believe I didn’t see it coming.

  15. That begs the question: Is it better to have hope and lose it or to have never had hope at all?

  16. I went between my 8th and 26th birthdays without seeing my team even play in a playoff game. When they made it on a miracle (love you always, Bengals bros), they lost to Blake Bortles airing it out for 86 yards

  17. It’s just saying they really didn’t like Wilson. It doesn’t matter that they were forced to play him, the players still didn’t like playing with Wilson no matter the circumstances. I’m sure they understood that he had to play but it doesnt mean they liked it

  18. I don’t blame them. That team has some serious juice, probably know what they’re capable of with even a middle-tier guy under center.

  19. I hear that Tom Brady guy is available... how would he look in green?

  20. The first play you mentioned here almost killed me. The guy spent years and years turning this run game into a power house, and on 3rd and 1 he motions his tight end from the LOS to 4 yards in the backfield and hands the ball to him.

  21. Don’t forget his time in Buffalo when he turned EJ Manuel into a main stay who definitely wasn’t out of the league by 27.

  22. I won’t pretend I followed Hackett around after he left Buffalo, so I was awfully surprised to see him end up with the Broncos gig. Coaches can improve obviously, but he certainly wasn’t my favorite coordinator ever in Buffalo.

  23. Is the consensus amongst your fan base that Hackett ruined Manuel or that Manuel just stunk?

  24. I think we all knew Manuel stunk from the beginning. Hackett felt like a fun young hire at the time but he was pretty bad regardless of personnel.

  25. There was something special about that first album that, while they were even better on the next 2 records, they never recaptured the pure innocence of it

  26. I find myself listening to Peoples Instinctive Travels over Marauders and The Low End Theory. Hard for me to say which of the three is my favorite (love them all) but Peoples Instinctive Travels is so damn fun

  27. Why does he need to be protected from himself? Have you seen the reports from his doctors that say he's not ready to play?

  28. Because neck injuries are serious and if left up to himself, I’m sure he’d go out there. I didn’t say he shouldn’t play, I just hope everyone’s being smart about it.

  29. You're sure he'd go out there and risk his health and well-being for the remainder of his life because you know him and what he'd do?

  30. I’ll revise to say I’m sure he and his doctors make the right decision, and I hope he can safely come back. That’s all I meant.

  31. I know what you and other Bills fans are up to with your Jones praise, lol. Very long term thinking.

  32. Ha, I promise it’s not that. Mac played extremely well today, and he had to play with a bozo calling his plays all year. Has zero weapons (despite curiously having tons of cap to spend recently, hmmm)

  33. He's so limited physically. Of course you want that in your division, lol. That "bomb" off the helmet is the perfect example, he had his man beat but that throw ain't it, he's just heaving it as far as he can without regard to the receivers position. How is a receiver supposed to catch that pass?

  34. Parker could have tried using his hands instead of his teeth but I don’t have any coaching experience so it’s hard for me to say.

  35. I hope you’re doing ok. You’re important and people love ya.

  36. Not OP but I'm just finishing the Hoenn Dex and getting started on my battle tower teams. Haven't EV trained since the XY days for the Maison. Might have to check in with you :)

  37. As awesome as that would be, the bigwigs who go to the game but don't care about football won't allow that.

  38. That aside, Orchard Park can't come close to supporting a Super Bowl

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