The Satanic Temple: Our members can assert a religious liberty claim that terminating a pregnancy is a central part of a religious ritual. SCOTUS has repeatedly affirmed religious rights. We will be suing the FDA for unrestricted religious access to Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

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First-class cat got loose during flight

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An actual mammoth tusk exposed in a riverbank in Alaska

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  1. And these 90% are poorly educated or/and was educated religiously only with no critical thinking development(intentionally) along with intimidating/ostracizing anybody who disagreed.

  2. You know the pedophile right is trying to normalize child marriage, right?

  3. Lucifer is unronically the good guy in any sensible interpretation of the Bible

  4. They aren't political you morons, they're just on the side of humanity and freedom. This comment section is woke as all hell smh.

  5. If you use woke as a pejorative, you 100% aren't on the right side of history

  6. Bob is political. Jerry no. Jerry's gone so if you regard it as the grateful dead without Jerry then it's political but "For me, the lame part of the Sixties was the political part, the social part. The real part was the spiritual part."

  7. There has to be a limit imposed on posters it’s about as FAR OFF BRAND for DEAD AND CO to allow some pussies to walk up with mom’s credit card and literally buy out the fucking show’s supply of posters. How has this never been addressed? Incredible. What a pair of absolute filth.

  8. How is that off-brand in any way, shape, or form? The Dead are as much a merchandising machine as a band at this point, been that way since the 90s. Look at everything Jerry's estate is slapping his name on, for fucks sake. Funneling cash into their pockets has been on-brand for them for decades.

  9. This is great advice!!! Not the standard “She’s manipulative and controlling” you see on Reddit.

  10. I had an ex like this who just turned out to be manipulative and controlling, so let's not jump to count that out just yet

  11. Sorry to hear about your poor past relationship. :( I’ve been there too. Took a lot of therapy to heal this much.

  12. Oh I feel you, not trying to pass judgement, I just subscribe to Occam's Razor

  13. Most of the rural folks I’ve spoken to in red states over the years think THEY are the ones that support the rest of the country. I mentioned to a guy from Kentucky that his home state receives “federal welfare” paid by other states like CA and NY. He refused to accept it, and then just said “fake news” when I showed him proof. They’re not just hypocrites. A lot of them are stupid and illiterate.

  14. Thr worst part is stupidity and ignorance are 100% a choice one makes

  15. The store won't be able to prove damages because he didn't leave with the bag, so they wouldn't have a defense in civil court if the guy sues them. The thief could prove damages in civil court for a traumatizing experience and win money because the thief could prove a lot more damage befell him (unless there is a citizen's arrest law protecting the employee in Oregon which is VERY doubtful considering people interpret that as a conservative law and Oregon is very liberal)

  16. You cannot force a police officer to charge anyone with anything. Police do not charge. A DA charges. You can call the police and file a report, the DA will charge them if they feel there is justification.

  17. That just isn't true. It's clear you're here to brigade and bootlick for your capitalist daddy doms, if that has you literally denying reality, making it someone else's issue just makes you a fucking asshole.

  18. Crystals. They are just fucking rocks. There is no scientific evidence proving that they have healing effect. Any possible effects are due to the placebo effect. People will actually go against medical advice because they think holding a crystal will fix all their problems.

  19. Someone got their heart broken by a heady crystal mama on the Phish lot huh?

  20. It's not so much a comparison so much as it's literally the same thing. Both horoscopes and fortune cookies use cold reading and broad generalizations to say something that could be universally applicable and make you connect the dots yourself to apply it to your situation. There is no difference between them except that you read one in a newspaper or an app and the other in a confection.

  21. Yeah, but the show is practically about politics.

  22. I had the first one and was extremely impressed with the flavor and clouds the quartz bucket can give you... I imagine the adjustable airflow on the 2 only improves the experience.

  23. Came here looking for this, no other opening wrapped up so immediately like that one did. 0 to 100 real quick.

  24. I've heard a lot of good things about Strange New Worlds. Is it approachable to someone with no experience of Star Trek?

  25. It's probably the most accessible Trek ever for somebody who has never seen Trek.

  26. here they are announcing their intentions at a church a month ago

  27. Yes they’re saying that continental US is all states on the North American continent (ie all states except Hawaii). And contiguous or continuous US is all states between Canada and Mexico (ie all states except Alaska and Hawaii)

  28. i KNOW some greedy selfish mf is going to go to this spot and remove it for their own personal gain. :/

  29. Bad trips are absolutely terrifying and good trips are like the polar opposite. I ate a bunch of shrooms a few weeks ago and discovered Rugrats is on Hulu. The first episode is nuts. I had a huge grin the entire time

  30. When I was single I was also super broke, and loved hiking through a nearby nature reserve as it was scenic, and best of all, FREE! I got ghosted and stood up multiple times, sometimes were when I suggested hiking there as a first date. I never realized how creepy that came off until years later.. I was just super broke and liked hiking.

  31. are there NFTs about the band Pentimento because I'd buy that

  32. SNW is only good compared to the rest of NuTrek. I wouldn't call it amazing.

  33. Oh come on, just get over yourself and the fact that you don't want to admit that something with Kurtzman's name on it is good.

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