1. you can chop with any amount of amber you prefer (or none even, chop at 90% cloudy/10% clear)

  2. so the appearance of amber is the start of THC degrading into CBN. the more amber, the less THC.

  3. Well let me ask this. I like those deep highs, puffy eyes, make you wanna go sit down somewhere high. Body numb/tingle. Do I want more amber or milky trichomes?

  4. Do y’all think we’re gonna get a Superior Ironman somewhere in the MCU?? Might not of fit in MOM but I personally think it’s a good storyline.

  5. I need this answered because Kang confuses me so much. But if I’m not mistaken the descendant of Reed Richards and sue storm is “Iron Lad” who is also a variant of Kang. But I don’t think he’s related to Tony by blood.

  6. Do y’all think we’re gonna get a Superior Ironman somewhere in the MCU?? Might not of fit in MOM but I personally think it’s a good storyline.

  7. buy seeds from a breeder next time. You will have bigger buds and no seeds. You grew some bagseed and they all eventually hermi during flowering and its really hard to see, they are sneaky!

  8. Did the plant have any issues through the grow? Self pollinating usually happens if the plant has been seriously stressed.

  9. None that I can think of. I put a new light in about a month ago. Don’t know if that had anything to do with it

  10. North Atlantic Seed Company out of Maine. there’s not much reason to use anyone else honestly.

  11. You need more time...but seems in good health. I only work with clones and it's the best!!

  12. Apple app called DJay. I got the pro version. The other ones are free.

  13. I have a guy in nj whi just rebuilt my 750 motor I can give you his contact

  14. I’ll take it but I ended buying a brand new motor smh,

  15. Word of advice, if you go with a used motor, don't try and find it yourself. Let the mech find one for you.

  16. Personally, I’d flush it and run a little lighter with the nutrients, if you look at the fan leaves the tips are burnt , the edges are also discoloured. Plant A maybe not up taking nutrients as well as Plant B (healthy one)

  17. 60/60 is my go to. 60°f 60% RH . You can go low and slow. No fans as they will actually make the buds dry to fast and unevenly.

  18. I think that’s how I messed up my first harvest. Thank you

  19. I’m assuming I need multiply my measurements by 100…. Sorry I’m new to this… tryna learn. But either way I moved the light up about a foot

  20. I have about 2 years experience. So I would say I’m a newbie but I’m using a Phlizon 2000watt Led Cob series. I personally love the light but I haven’t used anything but this so it’s hard to say how it good it is. But I recommend it for us newbies.

  21. Good job. Did you do anything special? PH the water? Any nutes in it? I can never get mine to clone in straight water. It's the only part of my process that isn't 100% natural and waste free. I've gotten them to root in straight water, it just takes forever, time that I don't have. So clonex and the ez-cloner it is until further notice.

  22. Grow it or trash it. But you have a clone. If you grow it, treat it like a 2 week old seed, And proceed.

  23. Thanks. So I don’t need any cloning gel or anything like that right. Just soil?

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