I’m so tired of the homeless population

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  1. Hey there. I had to comment. First of all, I’m glad your sister and her kids have you on their side. Also, you are right, unfortunately on many points. This does escalate, and he held a gun to her head.. This is serious shit. She definitely did the right thing by getting in to a shelter, but like you said, he is stalking her. She NEEDS to bite the bullet and file a restraining order, now. She can file for an emergency order of protection and that will be one sided, he will not be notified. There will be a hearing date. He will be found by the sheriff and served. Then for the hearing for that he will be present, but she is already pressing charges and has a custody hearing coming, I don’t know why This is any different. I know why she doesn’t want to face him, trust me, I actually get it completely… but she just NEEDS to do this.

  2. I've done everything short of begging her to get an order of protection, but she's scared. She says after the custody hearing she will deal with it, and I keep trying to put into perspective that if she makes those moves NOW, it'll help her case in court. I can't do much from all the way in New York sadly, but I'm deeply concerned. This POS has a history of abusing his girlfriends and one of them ended up dead by alleged suicide. Thank you so much for taking time to comment, I really appreciate it.

  3. Yes, a DV shelter. I've been checking in w her to make sure she's still staying in one. What's an advocate and how would she get one?

  4. An advocate will simply be someone to provide her with support and help coach her. The DV shelter should be able to connect her with one.

  5. An Ex-Parte order is an order of protection from stalking, abuse, harassment, etc. A victim will fill out the paperwork, a temporary order of protection will be put into place, a court date will be set, and a judge will determine whether or not a full order of protection will be set. This is usually completely free. Your sister would have to attend the court date. The ex-boyfriend would be served as well. You should be able to google “Adult Abuse Forms for Missouri” and find the proper paperwork. A violation of an ex-parte is a felony and the order is enforceable by law enforcement. It will usually restrict contact in person, phone, third party, etc.

  6. That sounds exactly like what she needs, thank you! I'll look into it and pass on the information.

  7. Having read your entire post, I'm going to recommend Buffalo. It has everything you want but winters are brutal and really long. We had snow on the ground in april, and it was a decent amount too! Voted snowiest winter this year lol

  8. I've been scouring reddit, googles, etc trying to see where the interwebs directs me. Both Buffalo and Rochester have been coming up numerous times. Both of which I see a fair amount of "those cities are unsafe, bad crime, etc etc" - but I anticipate if I'm not in the city center (which I don't really have a strong urge for anyway) it would be perfectly fine.

  9. Rochester has a lot of drug activity. In fact, all of Buffalo has a huge opiate problem. (Source: I work in mental health & substance abuse). As far as "crime" goes, its really no more than any other city. A lot less, even. I've lived in LA, and I follow Philly, and both are insanely more dangerous.

  10. Everything Sucks, My So Called Life, and Freaks & Geeks are all popular go-tos

  11. Sex work. It shouldn't be shamed, but it shouldn't be as romanticized as it is either. People are selling nudes to pay rent, it's more sad than empowering

  12. They’re not likely to, but I have experienced discrimination at work due to being trans while working a tech job. It’s also just having the piece of mind that, even if the court overturns employment protections, I’ll have some kind of recourse if something goes really wrong. There are also housing discrimination, healthcare discrimination and adoption laws that vary widely between states.

  13. People seem to be missing that being trans is a whole different ballgame, lol. Geeze, even if a company claims to be trans friendly, theyll sometimes find some other rando reason to get rid of you once you disclose

  14. Buffalo is affordable, lgbtq friendly for the most part, and has okayish transportation depending on where you live. You'll want to choose your area carefully. That being said, buffalo and p much anywhere in upstate or western NY is miserable. Do not come here unless you love to be cold and dont mind rudeness being the prevailing attitude.

  15. Yup. I bleach my hair and use my leave-in mask and conditioner from time to time to keep the shine and softness. It’s amazing.

  16. I'm new to the olaplex world--what #s are the mask n conditioner you use? I've heard that the only ones that rly work and should be used are #3 and #6 but idk how true that is.

  17. Everything about this season, except for theweapons, is better than anything theyve done so far

  18. Because instead of people saying “she looks damn good”, they add “…for her age” and it’s not really the compliment people think it is.

  19. I was born and raised in southern California and moved to NY. I hate it in NY with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns.

  20. That one part in Twilight when its revealed that Edward had been breaking into Bellas room to watch her sleep 😱💀

  21. It would bother me just as much as any other encounter, but in general, people who pay for sex kinda gross me out tbh

  22. El Paso is hot during the day, cold at night, all brown and no green, and not at all walkable. It has good schools, though.

  23. It's also extremely polluted. The air pollution is so bad that it's dangerous to live there. Excellent food tho.

  24. The US will either de commodify housing, or this will continue. You signed up to live in a capitalist society. If You don’t like the homelessness it creates, go fight back.

  25. Having been a homeless 7 year old, who certainly wasnt, as folks here say, "a drug addicted loser", I couldnt agree more.

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