Hospital called policed on lady who have medical problem. The police threaten her to throw her in jail if she does not leave. The lady said she can't move due to her medical problem. She died inside police car.

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  1. Damn are these old meme formats making a comeback?

  2. They have matured, and now that they are not pouring from every orifice of the internets as if from the cornucopia, they are even funnier.

  3. The one scene that got me was the one in Skin Game where Binder was taunting Harry as untrustworthy for not killing him the instant he met him in Chicago, and asking Michael for his word instead.

  4. When I read the Dresden Files I feel like Chicago is very present in the story - I've only been to Chicago a couple times but I feel like he really paints the picture with different neighborhoods and landmarks and you get a pretty good feel for Harry traveling through the city. The city feels like a character in its own right.

  5. I’ve had quite the same feeling from the Alex Verus series. Alex’s London felt like just a placeholder city.

  6. Still, imagine the smug look on his face melting away as Ivy melts his skin off.

  7. I think there would be a bright flash, a loud pop, smell of ozone, and a very small heap of dust where Stricken just stood.

  8. Not the founder of MHI the company. Founder of a team, alliance if you want, tasked with protecting Earth (or the Universe) from the upcoming war. He mentions it has taken him decades to collect all the chosen ones.

  9. The issue is there is almost no hard evidence of who cowl is.

  10. My question is, how in the hell does Cowl grow a whole new body after having been quite thoroughly disintegrated in Dead Beat?

  11. Mouse spelled My shadow with a capital M each time. Not a lower case M. I assumed that meant My was being used as a proper noun and hence a Name.

  12. But also My Maggie, My Friend Harry, so no, nope, doesn’t work like this.

  13. Harry needs black eyes and a broken nose, and to look like a wreck in general.

  14. Let’s give more money to a Ukraine though.

  15. I think that since the Marcone's story is not yet finished one way or another, his origin would prove to be way too spoilery.

  16. Not really. There's a literary device called "omniscient narrator", but rarely does it produce a good story. The Hobbit is one example, but come on, it's a chidren's story.

  17. Fez is for the 11th Doctor, so nah. The oversized sombrero would also come with great eagerness to sing while being oblivious to the vocal weakness regular Harry has (Harry plays guitar passably, thanks to all the physical therapy, but self-professedly cannot sing well).

  18. I have a sick feeling that one of the knights is going to die next. If Michael dies I might stop reading the series.

  19. I think Butters is gonna discover that his current lifestyle is not at all connected to perks from being a jedi knight, that it is too good to be true, that there is a price to be paid, and my oh my, the bill is going to be huge when it arrives.

  20. It’s almost like they’re completely untrained and are from another country and have no idea how to drive/act on the road/in society.

  21. Is that Amazon? Can’t blame the dude. He probably has such strict delivery times to follow that if he’s one second late, they’ll take his piss bottle away for the rest of the shift.

  22. The thing is, he can be the fucking pope, I don’t care, he’s a reckless driver who can’t bother to read the road signs.

  23. Attention! You are not our trollies. Students allowed to take to help you move.

  24. I've got 3 that utilize the base of "main character uses magic" as to what makes it "like Dresden"

  25. MHI is interesting because the main characters who hunt monsters don’t like twiddling with magic too much. They are keen on what mundane stuff can do damage, but magic is avoided unless they must.

  26. I have heard good thing and I generally don't care about the person lives of the authors of the books I read. I will give it a try. Only thing I hear that puts me off is the author has a major hard-on for guns and goes into gratuitous details about them. I don't have a problem with guns, but I could give two shits about the details of the make/model.

  27. The main protagonist is a gun nut like the author, but it doesn’t get in the way of the story.

  28. Probably like in all those self help guides, the point is buried somewhere in the last book and is one paragraph long. How quickly Grevane figured it all out suggests as much. The other books just describe how awesome their author is and how knowing the Word is going to make you awesome, too, if only you are capable of understanding it.

  29. That’s the neat thing, macOS manages this completely on its own.

  30. so when android studio uses 13 GB of ram and I open chrome I have nothing to worry about?

  31. macOS manages virtual memory on its own. It will create and manage swap space as needed. Heck, if your machine has 8 GB of RAM, it’s probably thrashing your disk, swapping like mad already.

  32. Make no mistake, if the pig was targeted specifically she would have her brains too scattered around to squeal.

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