1. 12600k, don’t know why you’d buy a older 10th gen that performs less and costs more, plus you have to buy a old 490 motherboard which will definitely not be reused ever again, whereas z690 can use 13th gen in future , pricing comes from amazon, 12600k, 279.99 10700k 313.99

  2. How are you getting a 9900k and 3080 for 1200, 9900 retails for like 500, also 9900k and z390 is a dead platform, where are these prices from?

  3. Actually, the 9900 non k retails for 670 dollars on Amazon, guessing it was put on the market at that price when they were released and the seller never took it off

  4. Like I always say, amd cards are perfect if you don’t like streaming , editing, 3D modeling, or gaming 😂

  5. Depends on whether you want rgb and aesthetic or cooling, I’d recommend a fractal meshify 2, it’s 140 dollars but has long been known to be one of the best mid towers cases for airflow, maybe a lian li 011 dynamic if you want a balance of rgb and cooling, Corsair 4000d airflow for best price to performance, may I ask what case you have and your fan configuration, ex: how many fans are intake vs exhaust because 90c is really bad

  6. I have an nzxt h510 - definitely more flashy with the rgb . It unfortunately only supports a max of 4 fans. I’ve got 2 120s on the front, one 120 at the top and 1 120 at the rear. 2 intake and 2 exhaust

  7. Yea that case is just not it, the lian li lancool mesh 2 is 120 dollars mainly because it comes with 3 fans, best mid tower airflow case according to gamers nexus,

  8. I don’t know much about the 5960x, honesty never heard of it before now, but of those parts, the psu ,the ram and ssds can stay

  9. This build is really good for that price, however I’d recommend 32 gb of ram and an aio especially if you have another 100 or 200 dollars

  10. The o11 dynamic mini is a beautiful case, check the gpu length compatibility and psu size

  11. Yea just pick a case you like, fractal cases and corsair cases are good for cooling and price btw but I personally don’t like the look of the 4000,5000 series , Lian li is great although they don’t come with fans included

  12. This has more lens flare than BF4... Nice build lol

  13. How much was this build if you don’t mind me asking?

  14. About 3 thousand, unfortunately bought the parts a few months ago so prices were a bit higher but got the 3080ti for a thousand

  15. 5600x costs 19.99 more than a standard 5600, would recommend a cpu upgrade early ad, here’s a 1500 dollar build,.4000 series comes out soon so 4060 for 450$ and will perform comparable to a 3080ti

  16. Looks pretty good to me should get 100frames at medium to high in most triple a titles,nice

  17. yea i see the link u sent with the parts and i might go with that over the skytech

  18. Cool , I will say, 4070,4080,4090’s are coming out soon so if they come out by then cop one of those, they’ll be on Amazon as well for around the same price, but 3090ti still is a beast so whatever you get, it’ll be a top of the line build, but anyway good luck man

  19. Lol yea should be, hopefully they’ll come out soon, gonna try to cop a Msi trio X 4080

  20. I'm saving up and buying parts as I get the funds. not shooting for a 5k build but I want something that's gonna be with me for a bit. Was contemplating an i9 12600k already. Would also like a recommendation on a motherboard with that.

  21. Whatever you get make sure is says LGA 1700, that’s the chipset, each cpu generation has its own , LGA 1700 is for 12th gen cpus, if you buy the wrong chipset, the cpu simply will not fit the motherboard

  22. Lol, an 1200 w Corsair hx, it’s definitely overkill, but I plan to get a new 4000 series when they come out, just think it’s smart to future proof

  23. Well here’s the build anyway, I’m bored, MSI VENTUS 2060 super, intel 12400f, cooler master 212 rgb, Msi mag 660 mortar, Corsair vengeance 32gb, Samsung 1tb nvme, sea gate barracuda 2tb drive, Corsair 4000 airflow, and EVGA supernova 850w gold psu.

  24. Pc component prices are very good right now, good drop a little, for around 1000-1200, here’s a part list that is 1158.00 dollars and will get you 100 fps is most games at 1080p, and provides some future proofing if you are going to upgrade later on.

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