Mullahs who have been harassing women in Iran for 43 years are now being harassed back by everybody

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  1. if you cancel request and they haven’t seen the notification does it go away

  2. My childhood home was around 5000 sq ft and we had a cleaning service come once a week and one of those roomba things which was p much enough to keep it clean plus ur standard tidying up the kitchen. The thing about large houses is a lot of the house doesn’t get used and therefore doesn’t really get dirty. That being said, there’s no real benefit to it since like I said, a lot of the house doesn’t get used.

  3. YTA. Do you even like your girlfriend? From the way you talk about her you do not. She drove 2 hours to see you and you choose to instead play a game you can play at any time and admit you’d rather play the game than see her.

  4. YTA if you say he “can’t” get it… he’s an adult who can make his own choices about what risks he wants to take. NAH if you tell him you’re worried and don’t like it, but allow him to make his own choice.

  5. I think in Vatican it's not nearly as fucked up as in Iran.

  6. The Vatican is not really a fully fledged country. You have to be approved by the pope to live there, and it’s all members of the clergy. It has a population of 825. It’s not a good example of what usually happens with theocracy because everyone there has chosen to be there and believes in the religion and agrees on the rules so it’s not going to lead to any kind of horrible authoritarian crackdown by the state.

  7. But there are also a lot of tourists and regular italians visiting or working without living there. None of those people are forced to dress a certain way, among other things.

  8. Tbf I don’t remember if it was entering the city itself or going into the basilica itself, but I had to cover knees + shoulders when I visited the vatican.

  9. i spent a year backpacking in 24 countries… it was nice, but if anything im less happy with myself than before

  10. Interesting. Can you elaborate on why you feel this way?

  11. not so much to do with the travel itself really… when you’re away for a year it stops being a vacation and it becomes your real life, and i had some drama in that year that made me pretty depressed. that combined with the romanticized expectation that travel would fix my whole life adds up to a bit of disappointment.

  12. 2000 calories per day is not necessarily too much for a 5 ft 4 woman (especially at 15). I’m 5 ft 1, 100 lbs, and I eat around that, probably a little more some days, a little less others. Yes, if she’s 320 lbs she’s clearly eating too much, but those online calorie calculator that tell you to eat 1500 cal are wildly inaccurate. There are a million factors that go into nutritional needs.

  13. Well, I'm not going to quibble with your personal experience. I agree that metabolism often doesn't adhere to calories in, calories out. But as someone who is nearly a foot taller than this kid and also does a lot of exercise, I can't eat 2000 calories per day without gaining weight.

  14. Yeah I don’t disagree with what OP is doing at all. I don’t think I, an internet stranger, can determine a proper diet for OP’s niece… she definitely needs a caloric deficit but I don’t know enough about her to say how much that is. I wasn’t trying to talk about OP’s nieces diet specifically, I just wanted to address the idea that 2000 calories was too much for a 5 ft 4 woman for other people who might be reading because I had a very severe eating disorder in my early to mid teens (fully recovered for years now), and I remember seeing all these comments on the internet making it seem like small women couldn’t eat normal amounts of food without becoming fat as a young teen and it contributed to the development of my eating disorder.

  15. Why did you have to go all the way back to 1905 to find an example of someone misattributing blame?

  16. Well, best not try to fix problems then!

  17. Yeah, because banning things totally works…

  18. Most people can't just grow their own tobacco, so banning wouldn't end its use, but would drastically reduce access which overall would have a net benefit. Alcohol is different in that it has a wide range of effects that lead to many issues for others around you. Smoking doesn't cause impare judgement to any degree like alcohol does.

  19. My main point about the prohibition wasn’t people making their own alcohol. It was about how it lead to the rise of organized crime in the US because the mob was able to make massive profits off of alcohol being illegal since they were now the ones selling it.

  20. Far more men are willing to be violent towards other men in public than towards women. I wouldn’t say it’s as true once there’s no audience.

  21. Statistics aren't on her side though? Around 80% of victims of violent crime committed by a stranger are male. Men are significantly more likely to be attacked/killed while walking alone.

  22. Women are less likely to be walking alone at night or in unsafe areas in the first place, as they are told not to do so their whole lives. 80% doesn’t factor in the difference in the number of men and women in dangerous areas alone in the first place. I’d guess this is why most of the victims of violent crime committed by a stranger are male. This statistic doesn’t prove the likelihood of violent crime occurring to any one woman or man. If men and women were walking around alone at night in similar numbers, you’d probably see a lot more women being victims of violent crime committed by a stranger.

  23. I’m a non smoker and unless someone’s a heavy smoker or just recently smoked I don’t notice, or maybe I subconsciously tune it out. I’m in Europe where p much everyone’s a smoker. I rly think this is just reddit being dramatic. You’re going to be exposed to smells you don’t like sometimes, it’s part of living in a society with other people. I get complaining if you’re being directly exposed to secondhand smoke, but scientifically that’s only relevant within 20 ft. If it’s just a smell it’s really no different from if your neighbor was cooking food that smelled bad or something.

  24. Yeah, I also luve in Europe (Belgium) and here more people vape then smoke (a good amount still smokes tho) and I can definitely notice whether or not someone is smoking or has smoked recently. Our neighbor smokes a lot during the day and it is very noticeable.

  25. Yeah I’m not saying it’s never noticeable, just at least for me only if they smoke a lot or have done so quite recently… there’s plenty of people who have like a few cigs a day and I don’t think I’d notice that. I certainly can’t tell if someone is a smoker outside from 5 meters away like the comment I replied to was claiming and I doubt most people can.

  26. I don’t really know if this would work as I don’t know much about the system so definitely research it more but could you contact CPS instead of going through the court? Joe refusing to adequately clothe Mark is a form of neglect and I’m assuming if he were deemed a neglectful parent they would default to giving you full custody?

  27. I’m confused.. mothers rarely lose custody of their children unless the men are rich and powerful or you have a history with substance abuse or abusing your child or something. Why on earth would you lose custody to a bi polar broke guy who doesn’t buy his son clothes?

  28. I believe OP is saying she could lose custody for violating the current custody agreement if she refuses to send Mark to Joe.

  29. Stopping a random woman in the street to talk is at best annoying and at worst, yes creepy.

  30. YTA. And she’s not your girlfriend, she’s your ex.

  31. You don’t even need to buy a walkman. At least on iPhone if you locked the apps using screen time, you can set it to still allow Spotify or whatever app she uses for music. I assume android has a similar set up.

  32. Fun fact, some people are absolutely horrible at cooking, even when trying to learn.

  33. There are some dishes that are so basic any adult should be able to make them. Not everyone’s Gordon Ramsey, but everyone should be able to find a few dinners they can make themselves. How would OP feed himself if he were single? He can do that.

  34. There is a thing called learned helplessness, and many people use it when there is a task they want someone else to do for them. It often presents by doing something poorly, on purpose. Make sure you never, ever fall into doing that. And, learn to cook. It’s not hard to make basic food that tastes decent. There are a zillion good, simple recipe books, and YouTube cooking teaching videos. I recommend the book “saving dinner”. It even helps you shop.

  35. Not to be pedantic but this is weaponized incompetence.

  36. ESH. This has nothing to do with her having ADHD and everything to do with her being immature when it comes to dealing with conflict.

  37. I think it's ok to ask, but not to blow up at OP for saying no. Imo, that's what makes her TA

  38. The daughter is 17 and likely had abandonment issues from OP giving her up, no matter how great of a reason he gave her. She had to find his info - it wasn’t made readily available to her by him. She now sees him living a lavish lifestyle with 3 kids he chose to keep, and does intend on paying for college for. Of course she’s going to have an emotional reaction.

  39. Also if you live the kind of lifestyle where you can have a glass of wine every day...you're probably going to be healthier than the average prole.

  40. The average cost of a bottle of wine in the US is $14 and there are cheaper wines than that available. With 5 glasses a bottle, that’s less than $3/day for a glass of wine - not necessarily indicative of a particularly wealthy lifestyle.

  41. ESH. You could’ve just asked them to stop. Calling the cops is a pretty big escalation and if you’re in the states (or a lot of countries tbh) can result in someone getting hurt.

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