For those wondering what the split via dividend did, it’s this.

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  1. I would explain why this might be significant, but we'd all need to recognize the full plan and how towel stock is likely to be involved in what we're seeing here.

  2. I need more clarification but in like short I’m really sorry :(

  3. If you're able to build a monopoly in a certain sector with the various positions you hold, they say no no no.. You must no longer be a part of that company if you're going to be a part of this new company. If you were to be part of both, you'd have insider information that can be leveraged between the two entities to kill the competition.

  4. Why is this here and allowed I will forever hold

  5. While we practice r gender reveals the right way after decades

  6. Good to know he bought his parents $8,000,000 dollar home with luxury cars while he begs for money from other countries

  7. No Martin Luther king did. Now show me some titis

  8. Double it and give it to the next person no..?

  9. Yeah, you don't wanna do that. Clouds weigh millions of pounds and the water in them is like icy knives.

  10. So wait what u r trying to say is he could have gotten stuck in the cloud? Or is it true people use to walk on clouds?

  11. What kind of taxes should I do if I didn’t sell?

  12. At this point a holder sice 2021 feb check me I agree 100000% all u can do is ignore until something happens on a Friday… banks will b close Saturday Sunday just like 08 everyone to panic. Take your money out from these animals because it will b close and your gatherings will b postponed till further notice. Do your own DD LIKE ALWAY DONT BELIEVE THE MIDEA KEEP DIGGING THE RABBIT HOLE IT GETS A LOT CRAZIER AND VIVID AND JUST LIKE A PUZZLE ALL THE PICES COME TOGETHER.

  13. My $40,000 investment crumble to just about $983 before saitama went up making back just about $3000 not the only one

  14. wow, I feel your pain. my $4,000 is now worth $280 😭

  15. I didn’t want to say this but I will. I had a 254k position in shiba just days before it came crumbling down to its lows of0.000983

  16. This happen with shiva wen it dropped bug couple times

  17. The govt to keep suppressing the price until they can get their foot in at the Door

  18. Just like the economy with no jobs to making new jobs it crosses each other out

  19. It’s always been design for a Friday tho..

  20. The Dragon of Inflation, once awoken, is near impossible to tame.

  21. I multiplied both scenarios by my share count and I know I’m not the only one who did. In hype we trust! 🚀

  22. My wife and I accidentally bought it 38 shares and 48 shares!!!! Let’s go!!

  23. It will happen on a Friday wen banks r closed sat n sun

  24. Is going to crash on a Friday so banks won’t b open Saturday Sunday

  25. And to think it all started as a lil joke..

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