1. I like to have someone to discuss the movie with right after watching it.

  2. It's a fun one, I wish I liked it more tho. It felt a little less focused than a lot of Wes' newer work. But still, the characters and his style more than make up for it.

  3. Ok but what makes Tenet a masterpiece? It's good but by far one of Nolan's messiest films.

  4. Its not asking what I am, its asking what I claim to be lol. Which implies there would be another option

  5. You claim to be heterosexual by saying that you are heterosexual. You claimed to be it in your own comment.

  6. No I didn't. Claiming indicates it could be in doubt. I am simply stating a fact. You're not the brightest. Saying "I am American" isn't a claim. Its a statement of a fact.

  7. And so if someone identifies as something, that can not be factual? You know what identity is? What's your logic?

  8. I watched Martin Scorsese's Silence yesterday, I would absolutely recommend it. A challenging and powerful film, probably the best religious film I have seen, kinda overshadowed by his more popular work.

  9. Not really, he's very good, but I'd rather take Denis Villeneuve or David Fincher any day, for example.

  10. I'd like to be able to make lists of directors and actors and such, like we can make lists of films.

  11. I haven't seen Whiplash or Babylon yet, but La La Land was fantastic. First Man was alright, really well made and I appreciate what Chazelle was going for with it, but it was not all that interesting to watch.

  12. Peter Sellers is great, but Jack's performance has become possibly the most iconic one in film history for a reason.

  13. Works for very few. I'm not saying it's impossible, but most people couldn't do it.

  14. 3rd act of zodiac is amazing. Bob Vaughn's house and the ending scenes are 2 of the best in the movie.

  15. I do like many scenes in the third act, but as a whole, that was the point where the movie started to drag for me.

  16. Oh yeah I get the pacing complaint. It does a drag a bit. I thought you were talking about the 3rd act in a vacuum

  17. Yeah, the content of the third act is of course important, but as a whole the film suffers a little bit.

  18. Mikä ihmeen harhautus? Jos kerran toinen sanoo että transnainen on nainen niin kyllähän silloin pitää tietää mitä se "nainen" tarkoittaa jotta voidaan olla varmoja että puhutaan samoista asioista. Aiemmin nainen on määräytynyt biologian mukaan mutta jos sukupuolta voi vaihtaa niin silloin pitää olla uusi määritelmä.

  19. Aikuinen ihminen joka kokee olevansa nainen on nainen. Se mihin sana yhdistetään onkin sitten kiinni sosiaalisista normeista. Ei ole mitään yhtä kaikenkattavaa määritelmää, ei edes biologiassa, jossa intersex ihmisiä ja isojakin eroja samaan sukupuoleen kuuluvilla, paras mihin päästään on se miten henkilö kokee itsensä.

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