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  1. I do not know a single doctor that would prescribe those in conjunction…. Topical tret after an accutane course but absolutely not to be used together.

  2. Even if you forsake all other skin care, just do one thing…. Wear SPF.

  3. Hi, sorry to bother you with this random question, but I wanted to ask you which one is better for sensitive combination skin - Cetaphil gentle cleaner or Vanicream gentle cleanser? Thanks is advance!

  4. It really depends on your skin but it doesn’t get more basic than those two options. Grab some travel size bottles of both and see how your skin reacts with a few washes.

  5. If you’re tapering before races you can expect your performance to be better than training when you’re probably running intervals in a high volume environment. Part of it is mental, races will almost always produce a little extra performance push. But a big part of it is physical. In training you’re theoretically not going to recover between runs like you would with a pre-race taper so you’re always going to have some level of fatigue.

  6. Might be problematic considering the sexual theme of the show and Bali’s new laws…

  7. I think the whole thing is supposed to be a reality check against the loving nostalgia Bert has for his deceased wife. In his memory, he got to have his cake and eat it too, and when he came home from philandering, he had the warm embrace of his loving and loyal wife. It seem like Dom has a different history recorded in his head, that she knew the whole time and was miserable and lonely. What Bert had built up as a homecoming in Sicily with the warm embrace of family turned out to be the exact opposite. Those women were having none of the boys’ shit and the hostility was so palpable I almost had to get up from my seat and take a breather. At dinner, when Bert waxes on about how home is supposed to be warm and loving, it felt like he was talking to the ghost of his wife. I don’t see it as a crisis of conscience or an epiphany but I think that in his head, he expected those women to love and embrace him for who he was in name regardless of his sins. He felt entitled to it. I think they represented the true nature of a scorned wife who wouldn’t keep a home open to someone who was betraying them.

  8. So, I struggle with the opposite. I’m 5’2” and most full length running tights are cut for women who are 5’7”. The excess length causes a lot of fit issues, but I hate rolling them up and getting them hemmed leaves a gap at the ankle instead of form fitting. What I ended up doing was buying shorter tights that landed mid-calf or above the ankle for me and pairing them with merino wool long socks that I pull up to my knees. This has been fine in cold conditions with the exception of times when there is a lot of snow on the ground or puddles…. But those would cause problems with normal tights anyway.

  9. Reach out to Garmin's support. They are pretty good and will probably work with you even if it's just outside the warranty period.

  10. I had a venu long out of warranty with severe screen burns. They sent me a replacement no questions asked. I’m glad I reached out instead of just assuming nothing could be done.

  11. I don't hate her at all. I'm older now but really identify with that character and being in your twenties where it feels like everything is supposed to be great but nothing is. I totally get someone trying to convince themselves that they are attracted to Albie for about ten minutes before running off with a catastrophe like Jack. I think that's realistic. She's is not into Albie but recognizes that he's a catch. But he was really dull and they were just hanging out with his family where he created awkward scenes. Of course, she would prefer to go out on the town with Jack the Lad. I see people complaining about these rich bores being safe and staying at the hotel the whole time. Jack promised to show her the town.

  12. I was gonna say, I don’t hate her as much as I deeply cringe at how much she reminds me of myself at her age — listless, without purpose, stuck in a meaningless job, attaching to the absolute worst dudes. One of the things I love about the show is that I can see parts of myself in all the characters, even if it’s like some of the worst parts. Portia’s juvenile ennui, Harper’s insecurity, Tanya’s obliviousness, Valentina’s walls, Mia’s ambition, Lucia’s conniving, Daphne’s facade. It’s all deeply human enough that you really can’t hate anyone without considering what part of you is reflected in their characters.

  13. I’ve gone down this wormhole. I’m a deep winter with olive skin, but very fair. I have this weird genetic mix from my dad being middle eastern and my mom being Irish so instead of pink undertones in my skin like most cool toned people, it’s exactly neutral. Warm foundation looks orange on my skin, cool foundation looks pink… I have to go neutral. Any time I’ve tried black hair, it instantly washes me out and looks very unnatural on me. I thought this was crazy because so many winters look fantastic with that stark black hair, but for some reason it doesn’t seem to work with my fair olive complexion. What I landed on is a slightly darker version of my natural color — a dark, cool toned ash similar to

  14. I would honestly wait two or more weeks off tret. Tret makes your skin more sensitive to heat which is the reason waxing is a no go. It’s not just the trauma of ripping a wax strip off, the heat from the wax is what does the most damage. Laser = immense heat. You’re more susceptible to burns which, best case scenario will leave you with red skin for a few days. Worse, you can get blistering and peeling skin, scarring, discoloration/hyperpigmentation, and lots of pain/discomfort.

  15. Jesus warned his disciples that "false Christs" would come after him that would try to lead people astray. And he also said that Peter was the rock upon whom he'd build his church. Shortly after Jesus left, the story goes that one of the disciples (Steven) was stoned to death, this is in the book of Acts. And Saul (who would later change his name to Paul) was there; he held the coats of those who actually did the stoning if I recall correctly.

  16. It’s also hypothesized that Paul was homosexual and this influenced a great deal of his anti-homosexual and anti-woman teachings.

  17. Huh, I was taught there was a good chance he was aro and/or ace because he's so vehemently anti-marriage (do it only if you absolutely can't control those filthy sexual urges and if you do, make use of it and procreate) and very pro-celibacy.

  18. They kind of go hand in hand. This was 2000 years ago so who’s to say, but it was odd for a man of his social stature to not marry, he was known for keeping young male companions, and he appealed to god three times to relieve him of “the thorn in his side” which historians theorize was homosexual lust. He had sworn celibacy but one could argue that could be just as much about trying to quash homosexual urges as sexual revulsion in general. Again, who’s to say… it’s just such an oddly specific thing to canonize considering Jesus’ teaching didn’t touch on homosexuality at all. Kind of like how modern closeted politicians are the most adamant opponents of LGBTQ and women’s rights.

  19. I used to do this and might bring it back into my routine. I found that it was really stinky though, so instead of leaving it on I would apply and let it sit for a few minutes then cleanse it off as part of my night routine.

  20. Mine is never sticky, it feels like water--it could be the rice you used, not entirely sure

  21. There’s really no money to be made on salt so there’s very little clinical research to back any efficacy for topical application. Most evidence is anecdotal at best. But honestly, that’s not a reason to dismiss what you’ve experienced. Just because there’s not a lot of clinical evidence to suggest salt positively affects skin conditions doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Salt does have certain antiseptic qualities that can improve acne, rosacea and other topical skin issues. While KP doesn’t have a bacterial cause per se, salt might be reducing other factors that might contribute such as a pH imbalance on your skin. Or it may be acting as an effective manual exfoliant.

  22. Oh yeah. She's taking a page from Daphne's book, but she DID try to talk to him about it and he deflected again. I definitely think Harper really wants him to do something, but doesn't know how to get him to. It's not the right way to go about it AT all. Manipulating a person is never the best course of action, no matter what.

  23. You couldn’t pay me to be their couples counselor.

  24. You’d be surprised how common some of this stuff is with real, seemingly normal couples.

  25. What’s interesting is that they say things to each other but don’t really communicate. They’re both deeply insecure. We saw this first with Harper and how judgmental she was of Daphne, and with the revelation that Cam “stole girls” from him in college, you start to see it with Ethan too. You put two deeply insecure people together who cannot openly communicate what they’re feeling and what they need and it turns explosive.

  26. The ironic thing is that considering the thousands of years of human history we have under our belts, up until about 150 years ago, skirts/peplums/dresses, frocks, stockings, heels/platform shoes, makeup, wigs, perfume, ruffles, lace, scarves, jewelry and adornments, and some forms of hair removal and body modifications in various forms were male status symbols and the masculine fashion of their respective times. Men played the roles of women in the primary forms of entertainment. Gender fluidity has been a hallmark of many civilizations and societies around the world. The idea of traditional western masculinity and gender roles is not only very new, it’s completely invented and subjective.

  27. My vote is either mind game or that Quentin wouldn’t have thought she’d see/notice that her husband used to be cowboy uncle Rico.

  28. Good point considering Tanya referred to Belinda in last week’s episode, said maybe she should have helped her and called her a healer with “witchy” energy… totally the “magic negro” trope.

  29. I caught that too…. Like, Belinda was the most real and compassionate person in Tanya’s corner at a moment when grief had fully taken the wheel yet in Tanya’s mind, Belinda was reduced to being “witchy” and bitter. White Lotus does this great job of reminding us just how terrible the guests really are when their humanity starts to creep in. Tanya is one of my favorite characters but she still doesn’t get a pass in my mind.

  30. I don't think Belinda was real. She played the role she needed to play, but she wasn't real with Tanya.

  31. I’ve raised money with investors before. I also watched the show with my boyfriend who is a VC. It’s an inherently transactional process but it is what it is — the goal is to use their money to build something to make more money. Belinda did everything right to the extent that that was her goal, even if it looks like she was trying to use Tanya to get money. She created a business plan and had full intention to pitch Tanya on an enterprise that would provide other women with the experience she was able to give her. I think the gut punch was that Tanya couldn’t differentiate between people who use her and people who see her and want to help her multiply her impact, which Belinda would have done. It would have given Tanya purpose but I think her comfort zone is not really having an independent identity which was why she went from attaching herself to her dead mothers ashes, to attaching herself to Belinda, to attaching herself to Greg.

  32. In my experience, if the pace feels like death then it’s your 5K race pace.

  33. This. If it feels like running for my life, it’s race pace.

  34. I imagine that a fan base that thrives on the escalating discomfort of White Lotus would really enjoy the escalating discomfort of Succession. If a show doesn’t make me feel like I need to, like, take a walk and be with my thoughts after, I’m not interested.

  35. It decreases harmful bacteria on the mouth that migrate into the skin over the course of the day.

  36. Wow!!! I’ve never heard about the mouthwash trick! I’ll try that out. Thank you! It’s just so strange because I’m 24 and this hormonal acne is coming out of no where? Just struggling with how to deal with it :/

  37. It’s common to have big hormonal shifts throughout life in addition to the big ones — puberty and menopause. They can be caused by things like starting/stopping birth control, getting pregnant, miscarrying or giving birth, or they happen for literally no reason at all. They can affect your skin, hair, and nails in addition to systemic effects on mood, weight and energy.

  38. I have ignored the practical implications of the expense but look at it more as an overarching theme with Dom — money is the currency of his romantic relationships, not love, commitment, trust, compromise, etc. He thinks that an expensive piece of jewelry is going to smooth things over with his (ex)wife. He hires Lucia for sex and then (at least in my assessment) keeps allowing her and Mia to charge things indiscriminately to his room to prevent them from blowing his cover while they troll for other customers/opportunities. Effectively paying for their silence. I get the sense that even footing the bill for Albie’s education was his attempt to show parental love rather than actually doing so by prioritizing his own family over his sexual exploits that happened before we met him in the show. He just comes off as someone who throws money at what he wants or to make problems go away rather than someone who would actually do the work to solve or achieve them in earnest. For him, money = love and affection, whether it’s with his wife, paying for the attention of Lucia or sending Albie to college.

  39. I mean, I don't know how great of a partner I am, I only have failed relationships to show for it. I like to think I'm a very kind, loving person, but clearly things haven't been working out for me in regards to love, so clearly I'm probably doing something wrong.

  40. So, this used to be me. From age 20-35, the majority of guys I dated ended up marrying the person they started dating right after me. With a lot of self work and introspection, I realized a big part of it was that I was very giving in these relationships (bordering on mothering), but that I never really opened myself up vulnerably. I was always very protective of myself and inadvertently put up these walls that made it so no guy ever felt close to me or like they really knew me. I just thought that if I loved them enough or gave enough of myself to them that they would love me back. But in reality, I was deferring the very necessary step of dealing with my own issues, hoping instead that they would just go away when someone loved me. Vulnerability is hard and scary, but it’s the only way people can feel close enough to you to truly fall in love.

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