1. Does this also mean it’s taking longer than usual to be accepted?

  2. Reddit is absolutely braindead about topics like this, but yeah this shit is cringe as fuck

  3. The birds “oh babe…you’ve still got your socks on”

  4. The last pic solidified my “I definitely know why people would worship cats back in the day” thought

  5. Hey guys anyone know a url that I could watch the documentary on + anime?

  6. Guuuurl stack up on that pepper spray and invest in a taser

  7. I hate to be that guy, but this paragraph is disgusting. Like, do whatever you want, but writing shit like this is just sad. Must be getting into her 30's and turning aggressively horny.

  8. Shii, I heard that she used to somewhat fuel juices drug addiction, and tbh it's just sort of sad seeing what she's turning back into. But at the end of the day it's her life she can do whatever she wants it it

  9. Dude you can watch the documentary to see that’s facts. She was literally freaking out about the pills not kicking in yet. Everyone around juice put him down or did drugs with him which isn’t good. I remember juice saying he wanted a jet for his people and the first thing the other guy said was something to tear that dream down.. juice said he wanted to lose weight, ally herself was like Noo. So many naysayers and drug enablers as a “friend” group.

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