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Saudi Arabia just began construction of its $500 billion 500 meter tall, 170 km long megacity, "The Line" in Neom

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he is a human

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Anthony Mackie on the current state of movie productions

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  1. They're toxic, and they don't even wanna admit being biased

  2. I've no fucking clue why famous people feel the need to have a twitter and to tweet stupid dumb shit, if you are evil, you don't go out there expressing to people that you are evil and risk losing hundreds of millions of dollars in the process,

  3. Well to be fair, Kanye is famous and mentally ill. Not making excuses for him but just saying in his case it’s a double whammy of feeling entitled and then being fucking crazy that drives him to say and do this shit.

  4. You can drive a car for as long as you can fuel it. In this scenario, fuel is physical energy and the car is the dude.

  5. A wise man once said, "the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak"

  6. Reminds me of that rick and morty where they go into the car battery.

  7. Did they recast Scotts daughter? I kinda liked Emma Fuhrmann

  8. I thought it was only me, I've tried contacting the mods about how only selective text posts get approved and they ain't respondin

  9. Good use of a gif, OP if you're the original creator of this meme, raise your head high for you are a brilliant memer

  10. No, refusing to serve a pregnant woman is discrimination and illegal in California. I just took the new liquor certification requirement last week. As long as the woman is over 21 they are legally allowed to order whatever they want.

  11. Plus, with all due respect its not as easy as people might think, some ladies are just normally big so it'll be rude my dudes

  12. In fact, many of us are praying for the next blade. Mahershala Ali is arguably one of the best actors of his generation

  13. Blade, Miles Morales, black panther, and many phenomenal cool black characters, ain't no one complaining about them, if there's a lack of black characters then invent new ones, be original and create new black original fictional characters , instead of swapping the ethnicity of ones we've already seen,

  14. “It’s great for the environment and okay for you!”

  15. they obviously had some of the smartest and most expensive architectural Engineers and economists to take a look at it and give their opinions on whether they should spend half a trillion on this project or not, and I just don't know how they've managed to agree to it all, or did they just see the dollar sign and were like fuck it, this works, now pay me

  16. Is that the 1 kilometre skyscraper they've started 10 years ago and never finished

  17. “If Harvey Weinstein invites you to a private party at the Four Seasons hotel don't go.”

  18. I was thinking that too. He and Szpilka should still be trying to beat the count.

  19. We all need to put so much respect into Tyson Furys chin bro, the punches he took in the first fight and how he came back up standing and the ones he took in their third fight and still came back up standing, only person I see to have an equivalent chin to Fury is Joyce, Wilder Vs Joyce should be next

  20. I know I probably shouldn't, but I really want to try this.

  21. Same, it doesn't look half as stupid as the other stuff that's being posted in here, it looks more like a chocolate ice cream inside a chocolate chip cookies,

  22. That is where this thought process has gotten me.

  23. Do u still tip if u go to fast food restaurants? Or drive thru?

  24. One of them got lost from the Galaxy far far away and drifted all the way to earth.

  25. Press F for the people who googled a N-1 Starfighter nbd thinking it was a real life military jet fighter. I did it too

  26. “Hey DIO, i cant beat the crap outa you without getting closer HehEheHEhe”

  27. Normal is someone who's 10 pounds over the healthy weight chart, 5'9, works as an accountant, went to a state university his parents are Catholic but he doesn't practice anymore, enjoys celebrating Christmas and doesn't vote.

  28. The movies that cost 1.2 billion with half of that going to the actors might stop paying Tom Cruise $75 million to act in a movie... Oh no... Anyway

  29. Its a business at the end of the day, if Tom cruise appearance brings in half a billion in revenue then ofc they're going to pay him $75 million, ppl wanna see him on the big screen. Supply and demand the more he's needed, the more ppl are willing to go to the cinema to see him act, the more he'll charge

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