1. it's a very long loop of "sex repulsed aces make memes about not liking sex", "sex favourable aces feel underrepresented", "sex favourable aces make memes about how much they like sex", "sex repulsed aces get disgusted", and repeat

  2. Well that’s really annoying. Why can’t we just focus on invading Denmark instead?

  3. Well this Civil War must be a Psyop run by Denmark to distract us from invading them. We Must Stop This Fighting And Focus On The Real Enemy!

  4. Not sure I like this "he-who-must-not-be-named" approach to making fun of bigotry.

  5. I don’t know why you’re calling it that. Not saying you can’t call a bigot the bigot or anything. Just that if your “joke“ just spreads the bigotry that it’s making fun of then it’s bad. That’s bad. You failed at the point of making a joke about bigotry. If you don’t understand why that is bad then I don’t know what to tell you.

  6. Whoever falls for this bait deserves to be a bigot. Easier to spot and subsequently hit them with my slingshot.

  7. You really fail to understand what I’m getting at. I’m not gonna bother explaining to you. I’m just gonna block you. I am seriously done with people like you.

  8. Noooooooooooo! Quick we need to break this societal conditioning fast!

  9. Yeah pretty certain people from the United States know exactly what that’s like

  10. Incorrect cops aren't worth anything. Giving them even one cent is a rip off.

  11. OK OK OK but what about. An octopus that’s a trans woman.

  12. Just reply with no and leave no further explanation

  13. Glad everyone else in the comments was thinking the same thing about Santa

  14. Do you have a link to them? We tried looking them up, and it’s giving us a bunch of different places.

  15. Trevor Project uses active rescue and isn’t safe for anyone

  16. Adelyn: Ok understood. Do you know of a crisis line that is safe?

  17. As a system of eight that’s had seven people front at once before. Yes do not try this at home.

  18. I get the feeling that’s only true when Thrawn is in charge. Like during the Thrawn trilogy. Because it makes sense with his character, and the Sith are a fascist cult that only excepts themselves. So, if Palps is in charge things probably aren’t good for Trans people in the empire.

  19. I was born after all of that infrastructure was put in place. Don’t put the blame on me for it.

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