1. ASPCA Poison Control Center is a great resource. (888) 426-4435. I swear they know everything. They charge a fee (~$70 the last time I checked), but that's not much if they can give you a definitive answer.

  2. Wait they won’t tell you poisoning stuff until after you pay? So I’m emergency and I have no money they won’t help? Or is this something diff you talking about? Sorry just confused

  3. Hi guys and welcome to my high on crack locked Ironman.

  4. I’m absolutely willing to put up my hands on this one and run with whatever direction the community wants.

  5. Contrary to what this sub will tell you, you can actually play RuneScape for fun.

  6. "Can I rocket jump in this game?" Fires RPG at feet, killing self and making the team lose a point "Guess not."

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