1. Ngl I don’t even know which one is meechie or beno 💀

  2. Meechie is the fat short one with baby dreads and Beno is the tall slim law abiding one 💯💯

  3. The “I’m in this bitch with Clayco” tag gave me hella white boy vibes I’m sorry to say

  4. LMFAO you’re fine. That was a letter written to a church in Corinth by Paul. He said that because it was seen as sexually suggestive in their culture (a lot of Greeks were gay) and he thought that a good way to stop that behavior was by men keeping their hair short. There are also people in the Bible who’ve had long hair, and dreadlocks. You should show your parents my comment.

  5. Can I hit this upvote button multiple times and make it count 🤦🏽‍♀️

  6. Ngl this is some fucked up shit if it’s real lmao what a scumbag

  7. Imagine if he got the name for the album while reading Berserk lol

  8. This ain’t the only time this happened too ☠️ Carti used to ignore the nigga a lot for some reason

  9. Nice list, don’t even think the second guy has dreadlocks though

  10. Get starter locks and bleach them immediately, the hair damage you’ll get after bleaching’s gonna give you that exact look

  11. Tht mean sum and carti and 808 hella cool so they could have sum 🎶otw

  12. he’s gonna lie AGAIN

  13. Y’all ran through the joke, he’s been pretty reliable since he dropped X

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