1. Yes but the gpu’s being 1000+ is absolutely absurd. 5-6 yrs ago you could build a high end gaming system for $1000-$1200 now the high end gpu alone costs $1600.

  2. And you can still buy a high end gaming system for $1200, lol. It’s called simply not buying the overpriced Titan class cards that Nvidia has rebranded at gaming GPUs.

  3. Hell, I've upgraded to new machines for running AI locally, but I sure as heck didn't need an upgrade for gaming. A 4790k/gtx 980 rig I built back in 2014 is still capable of VR gaming and 60-165hz in almost any game at 1440p... which is fine. If you put that thing side by side with my newer 5900x based rig with a fresh windows install and a few games without frame rate counters enabled, I doubt I could tell you which is which in everyday use.

  4. Ok I do have the say that saying the GTX 980 has to be getting a bit long in the tooth for VR. I upgraded to a RX 6800 XT from a 1080Ti for a Rift S and while the 1080Ti was definitely good enough to run most games, there were some games that really pushed that card past it's limits to the point you had to put up with stutters. Blade & Sorcery can crush any GPU eventually but the 1080Ti was hitting it's limits even against 3-4 enemies. No Mans Sky in VR is incredibly demanding and I basically had to play all lowest settings and even then only about 60 FPS.

  5. I think the last game I played on there was half life vr, so I didn't try no man sky - you're probably right. It was getting a bit touchy with the highest end stuff.

  6. Yeah I’m sure it is good for a lot of VR titles. Especially since a lot of games are still targeting the Quest 2 capabilities so if anything the average game may have gotten easier to run since the 980 came out. It’s a great card.

  7. I mean it’s literally team sports but for countries. I also like how people seem to think you also wouldn’t support independence movements because they are often nationalist?

  8. geez. I literally just put a 5600x in expecting that to be fine for 1440. the jump is crazy

  9. FYI going up in resolution generally means you can use a worse CPU. If the 5600X is good for 1080p then it is good for 1440p and 4k too.

  10. Probably the best "Marxist" state, but still pretty bad and definitely not some example of "working communism" to fling around.

  11. It’s actually mental how effective Nvidia’s marketing is. The vast majority of people refer to RT as RTX instead, and insist it’s a legitimate argument. Same with DLSS, even though FSR exists

  12. I saw someone on the Steam forums who thought only Nvidia GPU could run “RTX effects”.

  13. I only got about 70-90 frames on my 4090 no dlss maxed everything on the demo

  14. You are literally just making stuff up. That’s not how anything works, lol.

  15. No but something is wrong with your brain if you think 45 FPS is okay for the masses on PC.

  16. Yeah, that’s why I turned off all the RT effects and was able to play at 60 FPS locked and Quality FSR2 instead of balanced at 4K.

  17. How do they expect to get any players? I have a 3090ti, but out of principle, I will not be playing that game.

  18. Because you don't actually need a 3070 to get 60 FPS and the 3070 is MORE than capable of delivering a 60 FPS experience. You need a 3070 if you want to play 1440p totally maxed settings 30 FPS. FYI, you can't play Cyberpunk at 1440p native at max settings 30 FPS either, and yet the 3070 is MORE than capable of playing Cyberpunk.

  19. The game doesn't look good below max. Hell it doesn't look good on a 4080 running at max 4k.

  20. The game is badly optimized and does not look at good as it should for the performance we are seeing. However, this idea that you can't even play the game at 1440p with a 3070 is the stupidest shit I've ever seen. Like, you guys realize the 1440p/30FPS is at MAX settings with RT on right? You can't hit 1440p/30 FPS max settings on 3070 in Cyberpunk either, but nobody would say Cyberpunk is unplayble or isn't good at 1440p using a 3070.

  21. Bro please I'm trying to forget what an awful county Iran is for one second, let me have fun with the glorious past

  22. Like seriously, what the fuck. This is a HISTORY sub and people seemingly can't comprehend the Iran wasn't always in the same condition it is today, on a history sub. During the Golden Age of Islam it was like the renaissance but for the Middle East. For a time that region of the world arguably had some of the best medicine, very good human rights and civil laws for the time, and was generally a pretty good place to live for that period.

  23. That PC is about to give me a message from the board in the Astral Plane.

  24. Math major about to get a master’s in statistics where I also had to do a fair bit of integration, this doesn’t seem too bad, just a lot of keeping track of everything like others have mentioned

  25. Yeah if you don’t know what you’re looking at a lot of math can look scarier than it is. Not saying I even remember enough calc to solve this anymore lol but back when I was taking Abstract Algebra some of my answers were legit sometimes over a paper for proofs and looked like the scrawlings of a madman with strange glyphs and symbols.

  26. The 1080Ti could run Forspoken at 1080p 60 FPS too, though. Not that Forspoken isn’t badly optimized but this is hardly better? It’s just Forspoken jumps from 720p @30 lowest settings to 1440p @30 max settings.

  27. Link to clip? I'd like to see how he could possibly attack DLSS/FSR. Plus consoles have been upscaling literally forever using MUCH worse methods than DLSS/FSR.

  28. You preordered it? And you are publicly admitting to preordering it again here? Do you have a humiliation kink?

  29. 80 is likely less in purchasing power now than 60 was in 2012..

  30. Yep. It is no coincidence large AAA are more expensive to produce than ever, and yet have seen a major effective price reduction from inflation that has come with the increase in alternative monetization.

  31. iirc NV software team has more employees than AMDs total employee count.

  32. And the Nvidia Control panel still looks like it was last updated in 2006.

  33. Fair enough lol. I can’t deny that the software is functional.

  34. > If you want kids, have kids

  35. The RX 6650XT is $250 new right now and is LEAGUES better than a 1060. The Arc a750 is $265 new and can run RTX games better than a 3060. The low end market is doing fine. It’s only mid to high end that is fucked.

  36. Won’t someone think of those poor low end gamers with a RX 6650XT. They’re ONLY able to average 86 FPS at completely max settings across the

  37. I mean, it’s really not. At least compared to most “GUY don’t go to this sub!1!1!1!” posts. Most of the subs people have shared here in this same format are way worse.

  38. If AMD had a product that was truly better than NVIDIA people would be buying them.

  39. On cost per frame at the low end where nearly all of Nvidia’s advantages don’t matter (by which I mean most people buying $200-$400 aren’t streamers, doing professional work, or care about max settings RT) AMD and Intel for that matter blows Nvidia out of the water. The RTX 3060 hasn’t dropped bellow it’s $330 MSRP, yet the more powerful RX 6600XT has been as low as $220 on Black Friday, and NEVER cost more than the 3060 was at the time.

  40. Rx 6800 I got on sale for 479.99 with 16gbs of vram begs to disagree.

  41. Yep. I picked up a new RX 6800XT for $520 on Black Friday. For that price even the RT performance isn’t bad as you normally get between a RTX 3060Ti and 3070 in RT limited games.

  42. Authright - Monsieur Z. Really conservative. Supports russia because thinks it's an ally of conservatives in The US (it's not). Biased historical videos. Thinks Woodrow Wilson did nothing wrong.

  43. Only one I disagree with is H3H3. I like him quite a lot of your description sounds like you watch some other YouTuber cover him who dislikes him. If you want a better auth left Luna Oi or Haz are both cartoonish. Surprised Vaush didn’t end up here. Must be the only YouTuber hate list Vaush isn’t on.

  44. wait for the quest 3 lol

  45. You must have missed the non-meta part of my post.

  46. Maaaaaan, you Virtual Reality subredditors will bitch about how there's no non-Social media cheap headset and constantly ignore the existence of the HP Reverb G2 that goes on sale more often than not.

  47. I mean it’s probably the next best deal and is a bit of an upgrade from a Rift S, but I was hoping for something more like the PSVR but for PC. That’s a HUGE upgrade. I wish it wasn’t locked down. It looks like a fantastic device.

  48. Tbh the grossest horniest thing I’ve ever seen online was from (presumably) a woman. Actually wasn’t that long ago on

  49. How is financial compensation going to fix that? How is money going to recover all those hours of time and effort? Now you have a broken item and a sum of money. Money doesn't reverse causality. That's not a correction of the problem. It's merely punitive and it doesn't prevent that person from doing it again, as ridiculous as your chosen scenario is.

  50. I'd rather have a broken item and a sum of money (although not technically money in this case as in our theoretical example it cannot be used as capital) than just a broken item. I don't care about punishing the person, I want compensation for labor I put in that he destroyed.

  51. Quite frankly, this is a nonsensical take. If I went over to a friend's house and I dropped their mug I would at least offer to replace it myself. I wouldn't expect my neighbors to help replace it. And that's for a friend. If a STRANGER broke something I own that I put many hours of labor into (and what can you own more than something you made with your own labor?) I'd definitely expect a legal avenue to settle the dispute. My community didn't break it, that individual did.

  52. Raytracing with a 3060ti. Technically possible, practically a gimmick that is not used.

  53. There is literally no RT title that the 3060Ti cannot run ray tracing on at 1440p with at worst balanced DLSS and at best often native. What are you on.

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