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  1. If you like the look of a palm, forget all except Areca Palm.

  2. Like watching it again for the very first time; still amazing; still rocks; miss him though

  3. At $220K, I'll take two pair and put a pair in the garage

  4. Slight variation with a dyslexic interrupting cow with the punchline "OOM"

  5. We went the surgery/chemo route; never again; much too traumatizing on the dog. We'd like them to last forever, but the are very susceptible to cancer. Enjoy the time you have left; treat the pup like royalty until it's time.

  6. The real question is, how long before someone posts the question, "what's it like having a pussy?"

  7. Carefully coil that clip up and put it behind a light bulb

  8. OMG, this endorsement totally changed my mind s\

  9. That is true, a lot of the times they simply don’t survive… I mean, look how it is when WE hit our head.

  10. Begs the question, how does one become a rehabber; I'm genuinely interested!

  11. Your state’s DEC website should have info about how to become licensed for wildlife rehabilitation! My DMs are open for anyone interested :)

  12. Thank you so much; going to check this out!

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