1. Why do we need 3 of them on Polaris though

  2. Long story but tagged along with a group in a private jet from Knox County Airport. We went somewhere and flew back same night. Anyway, late that night at the airport Neil Young was there. I guess his daughter went to Kenyon college. Just thought it was strange seeing him randomly in Mount Vernon.

  3. I don't give my number to strangers either, so many things are connected to a phone number, main reason apps exist that don't give out your number. Also if it doesn't go well he now has access to contact you from anyone's phone. That's a big no from me

  4. Like what? Just curious, what things are connected to your phone number? I’m happy to give out my number, mainly because the app is so clunky. If someone starts to stalk or harass me on text via my phone number, I just block them. Problem solved.

  5. How often do the trains go by? So often that you won’t even notice them

  6. Does she work AT the statehouse? When I worked there, parking was free in the underground garage.

  7. D437 says:

    It's called The Thomas. The apartments are brand new and are really nice to live in actually. But like I said earlier, internet is spectrum community wifi, you can't switch and it costs a whopping $100 per month. Everything is electric and it's a nice community.

  8. Wow. I literally live right across the street from that place. I had no clue that it was that shady

  9. I live in the Polaris area. If you don’t mind sharing, what complex is this?

  10. These fools just want to push voters to the right. Over the last 24 hours or so, I have a 'progressive' cousin whose blindfold just lifted because of this very incident. She came to me and actually said, 'I all the sudden think they're targeting him given the amount of different charges over the last few years'. I sat there and watched her expression as everything from the past started sinking in. It was actually quite comical.

  11. I think in that specific example, she traded one addiction for another

  12. And here I thought your name this whole time was Leo Marvin😎

  13. So weird. I was just listening to the replay of Eddie Trunk’s show on SiriusXM. And some dude called in talking about the stadium tour. Was it you?

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