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  1. Cheers to the journey my friend…and now we head to 30 days!! 👍✌️ lean on those podcasts everyday.

  2. “Florida Man Goes Streaking on Live TV to the Dismay of Drunken Host”

  3. So what's the significance of them being owned by DISH?

  4. 400*84 months is only like 33.6k lol... you gotta pump those numbers up rookie

  5. And that invested every year for 20 years in an index fund is almost $250k…literally throwing away a partial retirement fund. And that’s just the insurance!! Add in the actual vehicle cost per year invested in an index fund over 20 years…over a million dollars. I know too boring but damn…

  6. Congrats and great insight my friend! As far as the girl goes, just be honest with her. Not full on honest, but peel back the curtain a little - she will find out eventually regardless. Then, embrace her as a breathing, walking, talking, reminder of how you got in this position. Embrace the pain of it because it will truly only get better from here.

  7. Man.........Holding onto the word, while being addicted, is helpful but how long will u run away from the addiction? u need to get tired of the stress each bet makes u go through to get winnings that you mostly won't do anything useful with or probably lost back and lead u away from family and further into an unhealthy state of mind.

  8. Amen to that the stress of gambling is overwhelming and hopefully a big motivator to help us quit once and for all 👍

  9. Should be illegal but only affects a very small percentage of the population according to “studies” so it remains legal. It’s a damn shame but probably not going to change until homelessness is so rampant that people start asking questions. We are trending in that direction for sure right now in the U.S.

  10. I honestly don’t believe in the percentages these “studies” show. They say 1% of the population is addicted to gambling. But I call BS. I get 1% of population is a lot of people, but there’s no way in hell 99% of the population is not addicted to this bullshit. That’s just a ridiculous amount. Especially since online gambling/sports gambling is becoming legal in more and more states. A lot of young people are addicted and have a problem, they just don’t know it yet because they are in the thick of it. Soon these “studies” will see that 1% skyrocket up because kids will be taking their own lives left and right due to this disease. And they promote it everywhere. You can’t even watch regular TV without seeing a betting ad. Same thing with social media, I’m constantly seeing betting ads. And it’s only going to get worse and worse as the years go on. The U.S is heading down a dark path, hopefully these casinos/betting companies get sued down the line because the suicide rate will be going up due to gambling and leave a lot of families heartbroken and eventually, people will get tired of it. It’s just REALLY UNFORTUNATE that change will only happen when it’s too late. So many lives will be gone before those greedy ass mfs decide to “help” people.

  11. I hear you brother and it is a shame. I also agree that the percentages are skewed.

  12. You already know what to do but don’t want to do it? It’s hard but tough love is the only path forward. Therapy, treatment, money separation, 3rd party money management and rinse and repeat.

  13. The rug pull is part of this whole nasty process. Not sure how to explain it mathematically, but gamblers conceit is the best explanation psychologically and maybe spiritually.

  14. I suggest printing this out to remind yourself of the feeling you have right now. Keep it in your wallet/purse and don’t forget. Trust me, temptation will come and when it does this feeling right now will be key! Blessings✌️

  15. This is the truthiest of truths my friend…I’ve actually been banned online on 3-4 occasions for winning too much.

  16. You can do this Alex. You just need to figure out your new program/schedule every day and stick with it. GA, exercise, podcasts on gambling and alcohol addiction, video games, new friends, a dog, a cat, etc. just find healthy shit to focus your time on away from your child and stick with it. Self-exclude from any and all casinos and online sites.

  17. Always something to learn from these bumps…relapse is an opportunity to learn something for the next string of bet free days and this next string of bet free days may be it. Don’t fatalize the relapse or give it too much power. Just learn what caused it and get stronger for day 0,7,30, etc.

  18. Relapse is part of the journey, not the end. Learn from it, don’t fatalize it.

  19. Do it long enough and you will hate it as much as the drugs, just keep doing it and you will find out the hardest way or…

  20. There are millions of us so don’t feel alone. Find online GA or in-person and listen to gambling addiction podcasts and get some one on one therapy by calling 1800GAMBLER

  21. Gambling addiction podcasts, gambling addiction YouTube, vigorous exercise, GA online and in-person meetings and memorizing these concepts below all helped me…by the grace of God go I:

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