1. I would say the white/blond hair is probably a recessive gene, but we see it so often with them because of all the inbreeding.

  2. The Daynes have held onto their white blonde hair despite being surrounded by the roynish. But there has been no mention that i know of where a Martell has white hair even though they have had targs married into their family. Meanwhile the Targs have somehow held onto their white hair for the most part despite having multiple Martells in their family. I think they just have whatever hair colour GRRM sees fitting.

  3. We know from Martin himself that if Arthur wields Dawn, which he obviously always would as Sword of the Morning, he beats Selmy. Robert Baratheon was a raging beast in his day but then again, sort of Barristan's specialty (Maelys the Monstrous). The dragonknight is one of the most acclaimed warriors in Westerosi history so that weighs it for the bottom as well. It's hard to say really. I don't know the top left one however.

  4. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gByB35sAyTTtiCsY6OXoADSbVlwKMHQ9/view?usp=sharing

  5. Depends on how you play camping corners/angles is kinda cringe but general fragging out is cool

  6. I can’t be the only one who thinks “Pickle Rick” is cringe.

  7. first responder easy a, jje s as well as pirate, tactical a demon b and angel a

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