1. Absolutely nothing online. Seems like the title in English is "under your wings." Such a nice voice. Such a stretch... but maybe this remake/cover?

  2. Yeah, it's a very lovely song. I'm not even sure how I found it.

  3. There's this little yellow fish that they put in their ear....

  4. Actually, yes. Look up Starfish Prime. A single high-altitude EMP could destroy a considerable portion of our infrastructure.

  5. Falling off a building is more consistently fatal, but there are a ton of variables involved in both situations.

  6. A person dressed as a clown is a clown. A person who makes a living dressing as a clown is a professional clown.

  7. Just a heads up, I hope you're planning to get a new phone. Mint's service add Tracfone's devices don't play well. At least not the Androids.

  8. Maybe try the fast.t-mobile APN? I’ve seen that work better on some of the strange carrier variant devices over the years.

  9. I have tried that one as well. At home, I get about five minutes of data before dropping back to EDGE. It's slow, I think it's 2g, but my phone tells me it's 4g.

  10. step1: do not change 240 into 260, just keep it as 240

  11. Sorry to revive a dead post, but where are the MVNO settings located? Googling tells me they should be the last two fields in the APN settings, but they're not there for me.

  12. The most obvious answer is to have him roll in the discord bot love everyone else. Put your foot down, and be firm.

  13. They're all local stations in the US, covering a relatively small area. Keep in mind, several of our states are geographically larger than your entire country, so covering such a huge area with a single station is unfeasable.

  14. This is a joke, right? Calling these "red flags" is the understatement of the year.

  15. It would take a few thousand years. Deer and elk aren't very sociable with other animals. Horses have been bred for a long time to be people friendly, and it still takes a lot of work to train them to not kick the shit out of you.

  16. Woah, now. She and I are immortal until there is evidence to prove otherwise.

  17. Like others said, your power steering fluid may be low. Could also be the power steering motor going out, or a worn belt. Check the fluid first. If it's fine, take it to a mechanic.

  18. While I've never had sex with an ugly dude, I can most assuredly tell you that not all women feel the same.

  19. Ever seen public restrooms? Women are just as nasty as men, sometimes more.

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