Closeted Atheist pastor looking for advice.

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  1. Marten is an alien? He is suddenly much more interesting.

  2. You probably would have better luck asking on the Planet Vampire forums, if you haven't already. There was some one there who was recreating VTMB in Unreal engine and they showed a recreation of part of Santa Monica with all the assets working in Unreal.

  3. I'm trying to pull the assets out as well, but it looks like you figured it out. Can you help me figure out how to pull them into blender/Unreal?

  4. Negative Ghostrider. Too many folks in the GOP are deeply religious and have been told for decades that climate change is a hoax. The rest of us will be the ones that will have to drag these idiots along to make any progress.

  5. And they were told to follow Jesus and various other rules were sacrosanct and they went and elected Trump. They don't CARE!

  6. Because revenge is best served cold, with maybe some mimosas?

  7. These sorts of retrospectives on separatist or self-reliant communities just go to show how many people it truly takes for a community to thrive. People always seem to horrendously underestimate how much it truly takes to go off an live in the woods. Not only for the generation that wants to go, but to make a community that is worth sticking around in subsequent generations.

  8. I'm a huge fan of O'neil cylinders: several kilometer long and wide rotating habitats in space. They are about the size of American counties if you only take the "ground" of a single layer. I think they could easily hold millions with multiple layers. These communes could teach us a lot about what we need before we try to build one.

  9. Will I ever get Girlfriend or Boyfriend?

  10. I'd ask if digitizing the human mind is just making a copy and killing the original organic first. I'd rather live a limited (likely extended) lifespan over sudden seppuku for effectively a diff entity to live instead.

  11. I would prefer to have a robot son. Perhaps they can solve the issues.

  12. I have no advice but I am curious about what changed your mind and what age group you are in.

  13. Mf could a just said "real life isn't like porn". No shit.

  14. Can someone translate. I can't think in small brain.

  15. To be honest this could have been anybody, except maybe the Germans.

  16. If no one expects the Germans, then we should ask the Germans about this. Then we can enjoy beautiful Germany while trying out best to solve this for Russia. I'm sure we will turn up lots of leads while we search very bar and restaurant looking for these (chewing sounds) rapscalions.

  17. No we know it wasn't the German's because German's are too efficient.

  18. Nah, it's too much of a Hasselhoff for them to splitzkreig.

  19. I am a typical nerd. I like sci-fi and video games. I like to code at night on my own projects like video games.

  20. of course, christians are sociopaths, who else needs an outside source to distinguish between good and evil?

  21. Listen, we know how to make matters decompressors for months now, and if we go through the black hole, we save a whole -2 + i/3 km worth of alloys.

  22. It's taking a near eternity to go all the way around...

  23. I'm pretty sure that's the blackula symbol. /s

  24. I know they use big words they don’t understand to sound smarter… but how on earth did they drag homeostasis into this? Been trying to make sense of it for five minutes

  25. But if we don't do experiments the science gods will stop working!

  26. Warhammer stores are giving away a free Leagues of Votann miniature (while stocks last). Get down there to secure your first Space Dwarf.

  27. I haven't seen any black & white televisions for a while...

  28. Putin: You really think you have a chance, Mr. Cowboy?

  29. I think of Ukraine more like John Wick but...

  30. What the furries gotta do with this

  31. This is how most right wing porn starts out. Next will be the tractor pull.

  32. It has way more gay/trans content than you would think!

  33. I feel this one. Evangelicals are just awful.

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