1. I completely agree, I have had a great experience with multiple BMWs

  2. This is like marrying a brunette to make the blonde you can’t stop thinking about jealous.

  3. I look at the 2021 7 series on the roads with a sigh that it was one of the best looking 7 series built only to be chopped up into this crap within 2-3 years

  4. You are not wrong. What are the chances of losing two cars at sea within a month of each other, but in separate incidents.

  5. There are SO many configurations of the same model (let alone different models) to be YOUR exact choice.

  6. BMW ® Business Spreadsheet ®

  7. This!! 100% !! Can't stand the "it has to be this drive type/this many doors/this power" nonsense. Do all athletes look the same ? No. Because they play different sports and have different strengths. Sports cars are the same way. A dodge demon and a Mazda Miata are both designed for "sports," but they do very different things. And they're both cool

  8. You should wear it occasionally, don’t glass box it. The metal “seeped” in his vibes, his time, etc. it is literally a connection you two share that is timeless

  9. Avoid getting a used M2 because it’ll always be more challenging getting M repairs/ parts. Whereas for that price you can get an equally sporty M340i/ 440i with a little more reliability

  10. Get yourself a 440i or 340i and let the B58 outperform every car on this list

  11. Agreed but the first 3 owners only put 28,000 miles on it from 2012-2018. Most of the miles came from the last owner of it. The accident was only minor and caused no structural problems to the car. Plus not to mention the car has meticulous documentation of care and service that has been done to it since it was brand new from all of the owners.

  12. Do you prefer passed down hookers because they are “cheAper”

  13. 2018 F sport series 3 with 54,000kms. Owner asking for 40k CAD

  14. Sure, can you park it between two giant lines of cocaine and snort them after? Then this car is invincible.

  15. I got that PLUS an oil change, oil filter gasket replaced for $1100. If you live around NYC, I’ll give you shop deets - guy used to work as a certified BMW dealer tech and started his own shop

  16. I personally like that they muted down the bulky aluminum trim under the air vents.

  17. Next time I get shamed for what 4 inches can do, I’m going to show this bad boy

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