1. provided it doesn’t get vibe checked by a stray artillery shell, there isn’t any gun big enough to seriously hurt a xenomorph that can be counted on to hit in WW2

  2. Xeno morphs we’re dying to regular gunfire in aliens.

  3. near the start of the movie they say their pulse rifles use explosive rounds i think, but i'll have to check the wiki for the exact quote, guns in the 1940s are different to guns 200 years in the future, xenomorphs are REALLY durable contrary to what aliens shows

  4. IIRC he's an abbadon shard, which means he was likely cauldron.

  5. cauldron doesn’t have abaddon shards, the only confirmed abaddon shard off the top of my head is contessas which is more like half abaddon since it was abaddons ptv shard subsuming edens

  6. foreign agent vials? i thought i forgot something and went to check the wiki but they just said cauldron only made vials with eden, could you elaborate?

  7. silver surfer is the biggest jobber in marvel but i doubt even he can fuck this up

  8. What's jobbing? I've been on debate forums for a while but I think this is the first time I've seen that term.

  9. jobbing is when a character who should be able to easily do something just doesnt because they're lazy/cant do their job, its basically CIS and the silver surfer is infamous for it because he's so busted and loses fights way more often than he should

  10. then it starts spawning it all over the walls instead

  11. then it breaks the sprinklers by spawning it inside their machinery

  12. darkseid almost tickled Betgus so darkseid negs but what do I hear? It’s batgos he comes in and beats the shit out of ultra instinct riflddrr and darkseid

  13. and takes them all to arkham nonlethally

  14. “hitler is a good person and i’m allowed to praise his beliefs because when he wasn’t genocidal he was vegan”

  15. i agree, the purpose of this sub is to spread hope and good vibes, making fun of nihilists doesn’t accomplish that

  16. “this is the fallout of new vegas”

  17. hardest scene in gaming was when john callofduty dropped that iconic line

  18. remember that tweet of someone saying she felt violated because a man used a gender neutral bathroom and said the one who waited for her to finish was a better person or whatever

  19. RemindMe! 6 months "Future me, are Pokemon Scarlet and Violet still mid garbage not even worth pirating?"

  20. Manga trying not to have the stupidest long ass names possible challenge: difficulty impossible

  21. Meanwhile I'm an actual sociopath and I never hurt NPCs on purpose, cuz I've learned hurting people without cause just gets me in trouble which is no fun. That all just carries over into video games cuz I like to role play as myself in that universe.

  22. ok glowie, bet you want me to get all comfortable and confess my own fucked up mental disorders too don’t you

  23. kiryu has a no murder rule, he’ll kill a bitch if there’s no other choice but once the fight is over he doesn’t finish the job

  24. kid named finger makes her overdose on heroin then covers up the death so nobody even notices by wearing her skin and clothes, finger becomes nui so stalemate

  25. “hey has anyone seen the big concrete ball outside of target lately?” me, with a suspiciously big concrete ball shaped lump in my throat: “mmm n-nope, no concrete balls here, aha”

  26. least insane youtube powerscaler

  27. if he thought he was gonna be able to beat a guy with a knife in a fight why not just punch him instead of going into some longwinded speech that you can be stabbed at any point during

  28. wwyd homelander lands on your home

  29. transported to ohio world normal rat: come here boy me:🏃🏃🏃

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