1. I like pretty much all the movies and shows. They all have their problems but I really enjoy them all in their own way

  2. I’ve never watched NJPW but always see posts on here about it

  3. I can’t wait for him to get the belt and then flop so people can just move on

  4. Such a shame where Bryan’s at right now, he deserves better

  5. They’ll be quickly forgotten about once they drop the titles

  6. Why couldn’t she just have multiple husbands? A couple of Targaryen kings have had multiple wives so that would solve most of her problems

  7. There’s no way TK would be stupid enough to not pair Garcia and Bryan after the pop he got last Wednesday

  8. You’re talking about the guy who has no idea what to do with the likes of Wardlow, Hangman, FTR, Miro etc once they get over

  9. Do you get a free transfer during international break or is it only during game weeks?

  10. Every time I make this point I seem to get downvoted, but basically you can break the lore so long as you do it with style and for a good reason. Arwen’s flight to the ford was spine tingling. RoP has nothing even close to that. That’s why it’s failing.

  11. Rings of Power isn’t failing lmao. Just because fans of the books are upset about changes and the show not being lore accurate doesn’t mean it’s failful ffs. It’s amazons most watched show and mostly liked by critics. Obviously Amazon would live for audience reviews to be 100% positive as well but that’s honestly the least important things As long as people watch and it gets critical acclaim then it’s a success

  12. Moxley isn’t really professional when he’s constantly firing shots at WWE (the place where his friends work who are nothing but complimentary and him and aew)

  13. One of the reasons. Whole show is boring and filled with bad writing. Main character is unrelatable and the social dynamic of the world is cringe.

  14. How do you know if it’s boring if you stopped after the troll fight?

  15. Gross was voted motm but hasn’t been given any bonus points? I thought motm got 3 points?

  16. I think those are decided by how people score in the bonus points system, which you can check by going to the fixtures section of the app/website.

  17. I’m still confused because he’s listed under ‘bonus points system’ as well

  18. They haven’t removed the ones. They removed al the ones, the twos the threes the fours and the fives. 6es and above are still all there

  19. I’d say they should remove all ratings and start again but the same thing would just happen again

  20. Same thing that happens to a lot of people. Tony Khan got bored and moved on to the next thing

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