1. How is it the beginning i really feel like I wasted a large proportion of my 20's unable to care for myself emotionally. I just started a new job at 29, in a new field, lost 30 kg, and really getting into fitness and eating properly. Still no relationship to speak of, and feeling far behind in life.

  2. If you’ve never been in a relationship, it’s harder to understand. All of my exes were extra needy, high maintenance, needed lots of reassurance, but could never reciprocate or be demonstrative. It’s such a hassle and sacrifice. People talk about “compromise”, but why should that be appealing to everyone? My intelligence, humor, company and reliability are far superior to what any man could offer me. I need freedom and harmony in my life, not ball and chain.

  3. Oh so you're kinda saying a man has to enhance your life overall and not drag it down?

  4. Not even enhance, just not deplete all of my resources. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t cause damage, let alone possess foundational qualities that contribute to a healthy partnership. I kept lowering my standards with each relationship, then it finally dawned on me that I might just be going through the motions because it’s what’s expected of all of us. I didn’t actually want to be with anyone. It’s not that I’m hard to please or have unrealistic expectations. Life is so much more fulfilling as a single woman. So what if I’m a social pariah.

  5. Doesn't sound like you're asking a lot I have the feeling of rather single than rush into relationship i know or feel like isn't going to work or I don't have feeling for the other person

  6. Yeah, you can even eat candy that has some fat in it. It really isn't a big deal unless you eat it in stupid amounts

  7. Had 100 gram of candy today, gave a good 500 calories

  8. recomposition is building muscle at a similar enough scale weight that you lose a buncha fat at the same time and look leaner. mileage=it will work better if you have more fat and less muscle otherwise i’d be able to train my way at 175lbs into being a competition-ready bodybuilder. so if you are relatively lean your training will work the best if you are gaining maybe a couple pounds a month (which is a general guideline that overshoots how much muscle most people will actually be building unless you are super new but that’s ok because fat loss is comparatively faster). obviously this subreddit is geared towards skinny beginners who should unequivocally start bulking. it might not be super necessary for you immediately, especially if you dial in your training, and some people’s natural appetite can just let them keep up with their training and gain at just the right pace, but focus on your training and make sure you are making progress.

  9. Thank you thats really insightful

  10. I'm new to lifting 29M 193cm 103kg, looking to build muscle, and lose some fat, but mostly muscle.

  11. rejection sucks if you have a crush on someone for a really long time, but rejection from just liking them a little bit doesnt really affect me either

  12. I like this girl for about a month, I used to go way longer without telling, but now I'd rather ask her out and see if anything could happen

  13. The second. I think giving them an out is super important, and even if you felt awkward it would have been even more awkward if you hadn't. You should feel good about this

  14. Really feeling a bunch of different stuff atm, sad that I got rejected I did have my hopes up. Happy that I'm not taking rejection as hard as I had imagined, its quite the opposite in fact.

  15. I think there's a middle ground here. The shoes start to look quite long and disproportionate when pants are that skinny. A slightly looser fit of jean (even slim instead of skinny) would help balance the outfit out.

  16. More people say the jeans are too tight, I'll see what else I have or go shopping next month

  17. Any input or feedback would be nice, I can't much change the way I smile I squirt my eyes it is what it is

  18. Then there is my immature self trying hard not to say something Santa Claus related but you can't change your name

  19. Haha no worries I use that one as a pun from time to time

  20. The feelings will be more or less "digested". When you eat something, you initially feel the taste of the food in your mouth for a time. You feel full for a certain amount of time. Eventually the food completely passes through you but you can still feel the "Feeling" of the food (especially if the food was spicy!). But ultimately if a thought that provided that feeling is not addressed, the feeling will come back.

  21. This is great I wasn't aware of the underlying thought, that I have. It feels like something along the lines if "people only talk to me when they want something" or "I have to contact people because no one is really interested in me"

  22. Ok. Now you ask your insight whether that thought is actually provably true. This is less about "see your thoughts are wrong!", It's more about showing you your thoughts are responsible for how you feel.

  23. This is incredibly insightful.

  24. In a sense you gotta reframe how you interpret the L. Start to consider what are the variables that contribute to that L. What could you have done better? Take responsibility, be discerning using your intellect on what can improve. In that sense any L is an opportunity to study and figure out what isn't working. What is working, well that will work so you don't need to focus on it.

  25. How do you go about this internalization? I have the same problem as op, and get hit with the 14 days, which is fair tbh.

  26. I can't read the bio, so maybe it makes you seem more exciting, but I think the pics come off as just a little dull. Pics #1 and #2 could definitely be better, IMO. The lighting and angles are a bit weird and both just seem kind of bland. I would say the same about #5, but the pics in the background could potentially catch the eye of a gamer.

  27. Used to have a bio now its literally just new job and my height

  28. Maybe a little off topic, but how does one go about getting an artist? Looking on sites like fiverr or are there more fitting places?

  29. Im also interested in this, i very much feel like i can learn a lot of what ue5 has to offer but art, models, animations aso just kill my soul

  30. Shaders only recompile when you create new dependencies.

  31. Ya seen to be the same in my projects. Takes time n need a workaround

  32. What do you do? Just accept that it takes 20 mins to open the project?

  33. Yep, for anything under standard asset store licence, you are limited in what kind of projects you can use them for (which obviosuly includes games), but not which programs you'd use for the job. So yes, using them in Unreal would be within the licence terms.

  34. Thanks for the answer, I was mostly looking to use 3d assets for enviromen, characters aso

  35. Looks great. Did you do all of it yourself, or with marketplace assets? What was the most difficult?

  36. I used marketplace assets. For me the most difficult thing is combination of post processing and lighting.

  37. Just started getting into ue5, how long did it take you to be able to do something like this?

  38. No. I have been working fine with Blueprints, unlike Material and Particles System. Those are outdated.

  39. I think I'll give it a try, been trying to learn c# in unity, but missing a ( or maybe you didn't capitalize something and now you have an error is soo annoying.

  40. No, the nodes are already made so you can just connect pins of the same type but you'll still need to understand its logic.

  41. That's likely the common "wrong number" scam. I scambait these all the time for fun. They usually end up just talking to you for a day or two and befriending you and earn your trust, and then a day or two later they will start steering the conversation into work and mention that they are a professional crypto trader, and can make you alot of money if you want to "invest in their platform"

  42. Ahh I'll try and talk more about the new restaurant and how to fund it maybe

  43. Yeah that might get them to show their cards. Or another way I get them fired up early is to just have a normal conversation with them, and when they ask what i'm doing i'll mention that i'm learning how to invest in crypto with a new friend that I just met online. I'll mention that I just met them and that they promised to triple my money in 30 minutes or whatever crazy amount, and they'll pick up on it and know that you're getting scammed. They'll be afraid that the other scammer will bleed you dry before they get a chance to and will immediately start spilling about how they have a crypto investment platform that's even better etc

  44. Oh thats great I'll try that one

  45. Ja det bruges i stor stil i hele verden.

  46. Det lyder virkelig interessant, hvordan vil man komme til at arbejde med SAP? For jeg bruger det ikke på min nuværende arbejdsplads, ikke at jeg tænker og gå hele vejen, men syntes det er rigtig spændende og sjovt at lave løsninger til folk og så de dem bruge dem og hvordan de forbedre hverdagen og løser hovedpiner

  47. Jeg fik tilbudt et arbejde som transportplanlægger i en stor virksomhed som var igang med at implementere SAP, i den proces og med min interesse i IT fik jeg tilbudt muligheden for at være tilsluttet/udlånt til projektet og dermed blev jeg superbruger. Jeg kendte til SAP fra transportplanlægning så det var ikke for jeg kom så meget dybere, men jeg fik mere ansvar og arbejdede tæt sammen med projektledere, supply chain management osv. Så blev jeg kontaktet af en headhunter og tilbudt en reel konsulent stilling som jeg takkede ja til.

  48. Tak for input virkelig lækkert og vide at det er en mulighed. Umildbart tænker jeg at blive i min nuværende stilling og få noget erfaring, så måske se på det igen om 1-2 års tid. Vi bruger ikke nogle af de systemer du lige har nævnt af hvad jeg ved. Ved at vi bruger truckplanner og projekt44, samt en masse Excel ark.

  49. Jeg ved at hans arbejdstid igennem da nogle år typisk har været fra 7-something. Ikke noget med fri midt på dagen, og ikke fri udover det normale heller. Han burde jo så tage hjem ca. Kl. 15, men af erfaring ved jeg at han ofte er der før 7, og efter til mellem 16 og 17. Derudover er det ikke sjældent at han har noget løn- eller dokumentations-arbejde med hjem en aften eller weekend. Ikke hver uge altså, men indimellem.

  50. Lyder lidt selvforskyldt, sådan kan jeg også godt selv være. Han kunne måske få mere i løn med det han ligger.

  51. Det lader til at være "standard" lønnen på hans arbejdsplads, så ikke rigtig noget at komme efter. Direktøren skal jo også have lidt mønter sidst på måneden, ikke?

  52. Hahaha det er præcis derfor jeg er blevet hyret ind, de er ikke ret gode til computere, burger en del tid på f.eks. at diskutere om den ene nu også har sendt en mail eller om den måske er gået tabt i cyberspace.

  53. This actually helpsnq lot hearing, I've been going out more on my own. To concerts cafes and what not to try and enjoy myself. I've also found that talking about those kind of events usually make for better conversation, than I went 15-2 in league.

  54. You can still get support and have a loving relationship, it's way to early to conclude that he will never move him.

  55. Personally I feel it's very brave of him to tell his story! It's something that I struggle to do

  56. Hey! It started in march 2020 as a hobby project. I'm really bad at 3D art so I've made only grass, bushes and trees. Rest was from the assets. For couple of months part-time 3D Artist is helping me out with custom models. Before that I was hiring freelancers from fiverr for main character model or keyart. Thanks for asking :)

  57. That's good to hear I'm terrible at art myself, but really want to make a game, seeing all these post with great art, good animations aso I figured every indie dev is secretly an artist too 😅

  58. 1-2 hours a day is ample. I play 5 characters daily doing 10 Chaos Dungeons and 5x Una sets and it only takes me an hour.

  59. As far as I know, EN version 18 was released recently on kindle and 19 doesn't have release date as of now (for kindle version, physical is somewhere in November).

  60. Yea that's the only thing I found aswell. When I finished volume 17, 18 was only a month away and already avaliable for Kindle preordre.

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