1. I really like this. The skull dinbt peak my attention at first and it took me ~2 seconds to find it, but thats a good thing and made it really interesting

  2. Both look amazing but the real fur looks slightly more realistic and creepy to me if thats what youre going for

  3. I was having the problem that I used to turn off the alarm automatically while still completely asleep

  4. Monday, Day, Monday, Day, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

  5. I would move the tree down, it doesnt make sense to see the roots and nakes it look like its just floating there.

  6. Maybe rotate the buidling a bit, it seems a bit weird to me like that

  7. The Canon EOS 1200D. I still have a lot of options and buttons to explore

  8. What seems weird to me are the eyes being crossed and maybe the size of them, but that could just be me. Really really good tho wow

  9. Also the guitar only has 17 frets, most have either 21, 22, or 24. The frets should gradually get closer together as it goes towards the bridge.

  10. Stunningly unsettling! The foil is amazingly rendered

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