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  1. Zoro is turning into Shinpachi (Gintama). Zoro are the swords themselves.

  2. Ayame the bat crazy love love ninja. I just love how the VA is expressing her in the show. And of course the potato girl.

  3. Imai is the first real challenger. As stated by most here Ippo will show him how he left his old self and crossed the line of being a monster. Because let’s be honest Imai is just a shadow of old Ippo.

  4. I would say Robin. She is a major threat to WG because of the knowledge of the Ancient history. Zoro is just still growing up.

  5. They will join the Luffy fleet to defeat WG. And then they will die. You know bad guys turning into good guys and suddenly get weak.

  6. What the fuck is this guy smoking. It’s not even funny anymore.

  7. You jus animated the whole G5 fight. Props to you nicely done.

  8. Because we have real clones acting as important individuals. Now with Stussy and the seraphims everything is possible. Oda could pull a Naruto and “revive” some important characters by making them clones. Why would WG not take DNA from Roger, WB, Ace or even better have some DNA of the Acient people like the first Joyboy. They already have DNA of the seven warlords and even from Kaido and King.

  9. I see shrooms and then some loads of cocaine. What were you guys cooking?

  10. G5 is just for lazy Oda to not have to use that much ink. Plus the fact that he can just copy paste every toon force and rubber hose cartoons.

  11. Lets make another Valkyrie Profile game for consoles that is a generic hack n slash game…

  12. He gave Laido a trauma and scars plus the fact that Oden could’ve defeated him if not of that old hag.

  13. I will choose blue pill not only because of the money but also at the pain in your life that you know for sure will come again or even worse because you are mentally older and have a 6 year old body. I would be mentally crazy.

  14. I like the anime. Very clean and pacing is okay for me. Just 12 eps ffs.

  15. They might as well wear helmets. Thick shoes with steel noses. Armor. If safety is nr 1.

  16. Did he just walk in in his toddler pyjama’s?

  17. Why would you free them. They are fuckers. They FUCK you!

  18. Globose conic or conic. These tend to be sweet. Those long ones or wedged I find to be sour imo.

  19. Yes, a limited edition from someone’s private collection.

  20. a lot of people are expecting the things on there but, it seems the director is a massive one piece fan so I doubt any issues stemming from "not trying" or "changing and adding weird shit" will actually be present

  21. I agree with the one saying that devs hate Vegito.

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