1. I don’t actually want to know who made this because it would require me sending them angry emails..🤬

  2. Specifically snowblower chute lube (yeah you heard me)

  3. Not what you asked for but may pique your interest: the French and English systems don't use the same set of projection properties.

  4. Of course the French think they’re superior 🤪

  5. The aluminum insert that the thruaxle goes in to has become unbonded from the carbon of the fork - this is an extremely common failure and Salsa will warranty it. Take the wheel off and use an screwdriver or allen through the hole to wiggle and you will see the cracking around the insert. Then call the store you bought it from for a warranty.

  6. Oh wow, I checked it and both sides are intact. No cracks or movement. Threw the thru axle in without the wheel (not too tight) and there’s no movement.

  7. It’s really subtle to see but I noticed it a little side to side play when I pushed down on each side of the handlebar with the brake on… If youre not seeing anything I’m surprised and otherwise don’t know what it would be..

  8. Where is the next closest place to Breck that beats it? I love Breck but didn't go to this spot.

  9. Someplace warm. A place where the beer flows like wine. Where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. I'm talking about a little place called Aspen.

  10. dunno what you're talking about. looks fine to me

  11. What led you to that conclusion? The homeless people constantly freezing to death on the streets of Anchorage, or our elected leaders’ utter failure to enact meaningful long-term plans to reduce energy costs, develop safe, adequate and affordable housing, and attract the kind of talent and business investment that would make life worth living here?

  12. They’re pro life until you’re born and then they are “fuck you I got mine” when you’re alive.

  13. We don’t like the government telling us what we can and can’t do with our property, our bodies, or anything else. Anti choice people are anti Alaskan.

  14. No one wants to hear your shitty music, fred

  15. Check out the Moment Wildcat Tour or deathwish tour. They’re built really damn tough and can take a beating. Moment uses the same bases and edges for their touring skis and their inbounds counterparts so they hold up much better to abuse than most lightweight touring skis. I’ve done some pretty horrible things to mine and the bases still look totally fine somehow.

  16. I have the Deathwish tours and they’re unreal fun. Also they build them pretty durable for being so light. Highly recommend

  17. The Xplore system had potential but I’m not a fan of how they went inverse of the usual tech toe. Was the idea to keep the binding lighter? Or avoid other patents/licensing?

  18. It really doesn’t matter what side you put the pins on - dynafit and pdg have been doing this for almost 8 years with the pin tech system for at boots..

  19. What do you mean? Dynafit developed the pin toe technology, right? Pins are on the binding, sockets on the boot. The Xplore is inverse.

  20. nope, the highest end of the dynafit race line is the pintech, developed with Pierre Ginoux, which has the pins on the boot and was released in 2018

  21. I was not giving advice to anyone, I think its already a dumb idea to glissade the gully in the video

  22. I'm not trying to assign blame here but what's up Fairbanks?? How come it took Montana to notice this shit ya'll staring at the ground all day or what? Of course we cannot expect the Canadians to do anything except steal salmon.

  23. They were tracking it for a long time before it came into Alaska airspace, they just made it public now as leverage for Blankens upcoming china trip

  24. Just remember, you’ve got more in common with them than a billionaire. Stay humble and try not to be an asshole

  25. I know a bunch of other people who also don't pay taxes, or at least their share.

  26. Vail Resorts's effective tax rate for fiscal years ending July 2018 to 2022 averaged 5.5%. Maybe homeless people should just buy ski resorts?!

  27. I believe the BIG hiccup is the muni gas pumps are tax free so even if they paid they are avoiding all applicable state and federal taxes

  28. man my car needs some gas too, i'm going to slap a mckenna sticker on and head over there at midnight. Come join me!

  29. This is the difference between electing people who care about Alaska and Alaskans and people who are only interested is perpetuating culture wars and destroying government for their own personal gain.

  30. That's also possible. If that's the case then his ego truly is astronomically huge.

  31. We had one of those for recreational weed. We voted. It passed. Governor was like: "lol, nah".

  32. Its all going to be the promised land of the manatees in about 100 years anyways so I say let em have it.

  33. 4 times an hour, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for 50 weeks, 5$ each behind Wendys dumpster.

  34. I get the memes of adding suspension to a gravel bike it becomes a mountain bike, but after doing a ~50 mile ride, 5200 feet of elevation, which absolutely tested my physical existence, I thought I was going to be relieved by the final 8 mile descent. NOPE. Pock-marked and erosion lines for 8 miles. I was so tired that my body just could barely handle absorbing the blows and felt like a full body punch every other second.

  35. I ended up putting a 120mm fork on my Salsa Cutthroat “gravel” bike.

  36. Me too. It's awesome. Laughing at rigid fanbois thinking they are more awesome for being worse. lol

  37. Makes me miss my 2001 Cannondale f600 all over again…

  38. Listen, strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government!

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