1. Well yeah. You can’t kill innocent humans just because something tragic happened to you.

  2. You should see what America did after 9/11

  3. And the opinion of virtually every generation of humans to ever live, right up until your completely degenerate generation.

  4. The Majority of the american populace has been pro abortion at the very least since it's legalization in the 70s. Humans have been having abortions since we knew how. Early humans literally harvested plants to extinction because they had abortive properties.

  5. This definitely feels like you aren't telling the whole story ngl

  6. Locks only keep honest people out. But this is a great idea.

  7. Hey don't forget lazy people

  8. Price-gouging is very rarely a "real thing." The only time its really gouging is if a company has a monopoly on a product.

  9. Tell me you have no idea how economics works without saying you have no idea how economics work

  10. What does it mean to buy a show? I’ve never heard that terminology before.

  11. Basically he's the one who hired her to perform there in the first place

  12. I pray for the day when people come up with some actual original jokes about Starbucks

  13. Tip jar, my old store straight fired someone for pocketing a tip like this

  14. These young kids haven't even watched Season 6 480 times.

  15. I don’t even understand what Laganja’s tweet alludes to. Anyone give me the outofheloop explanation?

  16. So this is word for word a thing bianca said to her during their season.

  17. I've had regulars that either I or another barista interacted with like this at every cafe I've worked at. If you're good to us and talk to us like people this isn't unbelievable

  18. We love straight men unknowingly flagging

  19. Some reasonably priced essentials for me would be airspun translucent powder, nyx or Maybelline gel liner, elf camo concealers, and their putty primer.

  20. The idea of people moshing to poppunk is genuinely wild to me

  21. Okay but if you actually forgot about madam laqueer I don't trust you

  22. Parasocial relationships are one hell of a drug

  23. I mean idk what other answer you were expecting

  24. Me trying to get through my shift

  25. He is literally insane and anyone who listens or believes his bullshit is a moron.

  26. They're not all that different in their beliefs dude

  27. "Most right wing folks are quite nice."

  28. "just cause they oppose certain people's basic human rights doesn't make them bad people!"

  29. Thai is what no bitches looks like

  30. I got heartburn just looking at this ngl

  31. Yeah, as much as I'd love to see Starbucks go under for their union busting bullshit I don't think it's gonna happen

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