1. Any interest in a B2590 minigun?

  2. Nah, I’d rather do damage and skip inconsiderately placed nukes.

  3. You forgot about the option where you cry about it on reddit

  4. I was offering a poignant critique of the original commenters method, then explaining my preferences to someone who suggested I should just adapt. It’s called discussion, and everyone else involved seems mature enough to realize this. Please keep your useless ad hominems out of it.

  5. I was just reading through PS posts on the sub and thinking the exact same thing. The market kinda blows right now.

  6. Do you still have an aligned auto EPR with reflex sight by any chance?

  7. I got a bloody handmade E/50/25? I got a bloody fixer or two just have to wait a few hours to be home to see exactly what they were

  8. That isn’t gonna do it for me, but take a look

  9. If you are not the leader, it will only drop union PA, and auto axe mods until they are all learned. If you’ve learned them all, then nothing will drop and you’ll need to wait until next week.

  10. You should search harder, around 1pm to 5 pm EST it was every other post.

  11. Can I have your grolls, you know, to keep trade revenues up 😂😂. In all seriousness, Ill miss you and your overpays.

  12. Goto the Plan Collectors discord and find a friend to do it with you. If they fast travel you, and kill roper you can easily finish a run in 15 minutes. You can also do Thirst Things First for a better chance at rare apparel all within that short period.

  13. I’m sorry, I made an error, it’s not first things thirst, it’s final destination. No clue why it was designed as such but the drop rate from final destination for responders outfits is 1/153 whereas the Forest event drop rate is 1/3060.

  14. Just want assassins? I have bol 7led awr T-45 LL.

  15. Probably referencing range and damage, not the explosive effect itself. Someone with PTS access can confirm.

  16. Bro you know how it is sometimes I need dubs with the boys

  17. I like you but this is an emo ass comment

  18. Need that damn Titan flare, that’s why.

  19. I disagree. It’s not about greed, it’s about time. While there are new players in game (at least on PS) and a handful stop by this sub, there is such a gap between the regular traders and the new traders in gear that it puts the noobs at such a disadvantage that they don’t stick around, and that’s the problem.

  20. Yeah. Value of the current masks will devalue for sure but am sure players sill pay or trade something good for them

  21. Probably minimally. 5% chance for a rare mask in an event that will run 168 times (finishing quick and hopping servers or private notwithstanding) is still not high. And on PS there are loads of new players who haven’t done the event yet right now.

  22. Eh, lots of treasury notes, a chance at rare masks that are still desired here, and guaranteed 3 star. I will definitely be participating.

  23. I “cheat” by starting, but not finishing the daily quest ecological balance. Grab one of the holos (water, soil or air) and just let it sit in your inventory. It’s a quest item that will stay put until you complete it. Since I’d done that, I logged in today it auto completed the challenge.

  24. Says the guy lurking a discussion thread on a specialized market forum for said game 🤡

  25. I didn’t switch a similar find and its insane.

  26. Okay thank you . I will trade those for low items if anyone wants them.

  27. He means the scout armor mask and the white powder.

  28. I misread. But I was telling the guy in non negative terms which ones he posted were rare.

  29. I think I have it. What other plans do you need?

  30. I don’t think there are any others I need. Technically I don’t have the snally/SBQ plushies nor the tv aquarium, but I’m less urgent about those since they’re cosmetic and that event is next weekend. Maybe some recipes from NWOT but I’m not sure which ones yet 😬

  31. What are the mods on the enclave?

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