1. sure, if you go back to 2009 (original mw2) the inflation rate is to times that by 1.38 for current currency. mw2 did a little over a billion, so 1.38b round up to 1.5b to be safe. mw2 '22 hit a billion in less than 10 days, and has since easily surpassed 1.5, and still continuing. there's no need to ride activisions dick, they can afford to pay people for that and you here doing it for free.

  2. for me it's Grief. I need a PvPvZombies mode, so I don't just kill zombies, but compete with other real players.

  3. Agreed Grief needs to have PVPvZombies elements on a much larger scale. Multiple teams racing to the finish line competing for high-tier loot worrying about hordes of zombies, in addition to finishing Easter Egg quest lines in an allotted time frame. Leaderboards can be included to see how you stack up against competitive zombies teams.

  4. Honestly, they could do a grief royale mode and it would be fire. Just combine grief with BR. Large map like outbreak and warzone, a shrinking zone, 10-20 teams. Multiple perk/pack locations etc. Shrinking circle plus escalating zombie strength and numbers, boss fights spawning. Last team with someone still alive wins. Buybacks for fallen and bled out teammates at buy stations, running hordes in to campers, etc. It would be such a blast.

  5. I enjoyed that is was easy enough for my autistic 5 year old to play it with me. I'm being serious.

  6. He fkn loves zombies. We can stay in round 1 on outbreak (he calls it purple portal zombies), or play vanguard (red portal zombiiiiiiies). i can leave him alone in vanguard until like round 6 or 7. he doesn't know how to strafe or walk backwards yet.

  7. *over 8000 people online right now on Steam alone, let alone Epic, Origin, Xbox, and PS which are all in same lobbies.

  8. That's not true, you can still play WaW, MW2 WW2, and more. Many of the old cods still have a few hundred people in matchmaking / server browser. Only a few are dead, like Advanced Warfare, Infinite Warfare, etc. BO3 is probably the worst for hackers in pubs though, so it may as well be considered dead. But there's still over 5,000 people playing bo3 zombs every day.

  9. I mean you can still get matches on the Xbox version so I'd guess you definitely will on PC.

  10. Sure was nice of him to make sure you don't have to look for him around the map.

  11. BO3 has mod support and server browser. It's literally endless zombies content. CW has crossplay though and you can reconnect w people on any platform.

  12. If you are on PC, BOCW and Vanguard are the only ones that are well populated in public lobbies. Both games also include cross platform support, allowing you to play with anyone else who owns the game, no matter what platform they are on.

  13. If he's on PC, BO1-3 are extremely populated thanks to mods and Plutonium.

  14. if you are on PC, BO3 is a solid option thanks to mods, server browser, etc. Cold War has crossplay though so any system with any friend. CW is also going to be the easiest to step back in to, and the cheapest for all content.

  15. everyone else is saying git gud in the game, i'm just saying git gud in the editing phase. lot of git guds needed.

  16. Korean cuisine is comparable to Filipino and Fr*nch cuisine when it comes to dressing up animal cruelty.

  17. you know this animal is dead, right? this is nothing more than neurons still activating contractions in muscle tissue.

  18. I can't believe so many people are dancing on their grave. Be careful what you wish for, this is horrible news. We already saw Bethesda and Activision get bought up, now Ubisoft is going to go down and be bought up too. Maybe by Tencent, who knows?

  19. You know other companies can appear and make new games, right?

  20. this is truth. gaming companies come and go all the damn time, even companies that were once completely on the tippy top have crashed and burned. but devs can still make games elsewhere. former devs of former titans are doing this all the time, former IW devs made respawn, former Blizz devs have several games coming soon, former Dice devs have a new AAA game coming this year from their new company. companies in software development are nothing more than a name and culture, both of which can change.

  21. the thing is this: it doesn't matter. gaming companies come and go, talented and passionate developers don't. if ubi got bought up by tencent tomorrow, a lot of devs would find work elsewhere. often times they'll even start up their own studio, which we see time and time again. big AAA studios being closed, sold, etc, does not translate to taking talented devs off the market, it just shifts where they are. some day, they will be given their shot again, or even develop their own games using incredible engine suites that make it easier and easier to create complex games with less resources (like UE5), and good games will come again. all we have to do is wait and you can count on the passion of talented devs to continue working.

  22. you're new to pc, this is going to be your experience in all the games you try. there are no casual pvp shooters anymore, you're going to get wrecked everywhere until you get good on mnk. this is not a shatterline thing, and believe it or not, you'd get even less kills with a longer ttk.

  23. It is wild how almost every comment is praising respawn when their history of comments is like a wall of sbmm hate and complaints. They essentially are looking at Activision’s homework and changing some answers so it’s not caught for copying, but people generally like Respawn and hate Activision so the spin is already there for them haha.

  24. Respawn and Activision should not be compared, Activision is like EA to Respawn, the corporate overlords. IW could indeed learn a lot from Respawn, especially when it comes to things like knowing when to push back against the corporate overlords to accomplish a vision.

  25. the enemies move around too much, i dont think you can enforce rails on it.

  26. I'm getting my library ready while I wait for my gun to arrive, from steam I have picked up:

  27. The FTC doesn’t care about blocking the deal, they want certain conditions

  28. once it goes to court all they can do is prove what they can and the judge will decide the rest. ftc had a better chance of imposing conditions at the negotiating table, instead they fired shots and microsoft will have the chance to argue for absolutely everything they want.

  29. You cannot impose legally binding concessions without first filing a lawsuit, so no, their best chance was not at the negotiating table.

  30. they could agree to legally binding concessions, that's why they are called concessions. because microsoft stood firm against some conditions now the FTC is trying to take the whole deal apart in a court, or get their concessions. but courts aren't any guarantee and they could come out of this with far less than they could have negotiated if microsoft argues their case in court. they could have gotten these done at the negotiating table and now they are rolling the dice.

  31. All of the comments are speculations.

  32. there's been official statements of the owners and architects of the real life place though. so it's not really speculation, activision just doesn't publicly respond. just like when they poached skins in vanguard from other artists, they just remove and move on.

  33. ryan's personality transformations is a part of his personality. he was great in every season.

  34. young people don't have a future? young people are the future, this is so fkn stupid. stay and make the changes needed.

  35. If we didn't have aim assist y'all would be absolutely murdering us and y'all know it lol

  36. no one is saying otherwise. problem is that the input that requires software help has too much software help, every top player in the world is playing the objectively inferior input now. nothing wrong with that either, if they were separated, but if they have to play together, the average player in each input should be closer in skill results than what it is now.

  37. ? Its lacking features, ui is bad. Graphics are really good. It does crash, there is some glitches but did you really expect a polished game? I think its decent, only major complaints for me is lack of maps

  38. once upon a time, cod delivered polished games on day 1, every time. sure, some small bugs sometimes, but always polished and properly tested.

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