1. It hurts my soul that this is monthly

  2. Its actually bi-monthly! Second and fourth fridays of the month normally. A chapter was supposed to come out last friday, but the mangaka took a break. There was also a break in december to work on the voluke release.

  3. My soul is now much less hurt

  4. But now he is multiple steps closer to another title, although idk the perks of being a Fable, it's probably higher than King of No Killing

  5. Small correction. He has gathered four fables and needs one more to become a constellation.

  6. Ah right I meant to type constellation. Thanks for talking about all the things him becoming a constellation could let him do

  7. This manga’s style is off the goddamn charts.

  8. For a weekly manga too, the length and quality of the drawing is nuts

  9. Asura scans if I remember right had a controversey a while back on this sub where when they mass released a series, they would make a post for every mass released chapter and it would like clog up the New tab, and when they were asked to stop, they didn't stop. I might be thinking of Flame Scans/Leviatan Scans though, but Asura might have had a similar situation

  10. I have the worst memory in history, why did the MC see "Number 1" near the end of the chapter and number 100 flinched?

  11. Nº1 is the only one that can actually stitch the humans parts onto the fabricants. Nº100's plan was to kill Ashibi, get his part, and then kill Nº1 to complete her part of the promise.

  12. pls plat chat invitational Johnny make it happen <3

  13. I imagine he would 100% do it if he had the resources and money to do so, but Reinforce isn't like a Ludwig

  14. I just watched the episode this reference is from yesterday

  15. Are the two guys at the end known characters?

  16. There's so many things this manhwa does so well that others don't. The flowing movement in every fight makes it feel like you're watching an animation. Simple things like when Ma Do-Kwang picks up the Jin and flips him onto the horse, any other manhwa would skip that movement but showing it in the panel gives it a real sense of movement. I'd love to see this animated one day

  17. The only problem I could see with this getting animated is that from my memory the first like 30 chapters where Jin is still a kid are decently slow so a lot of episodes might be spent on that part, although that part of the story could be like speedrunned or something

  18. jin is only a kid in the first 14 chapters only, your memory must be hazy.

  19. Oh wow it was only 14 chapters? I thought it was much longer, it's been a long time since I read the beginning so yeah my memory is definitely hazy.

  20. I reread this series like 3 days ago but I think I like didn't pick up on it, does anyone know where the mom is living now? Is it with the kid she knew while she was alive but now that kid is like a grown up and also a mom?

  21. I don't think her family has been explicitly shown, if they're around at all. It's most likely one of those magical manga situations of a teenager living all by themselves and having their living expenses paid for.

  22. Ah yeah that's definitely possible, happens a lot in manga

  23. The raws only have two more chapters if I remember right, but in the past the author has taken huge breaks, I also do not know what the raws have in them, I have just seen that they exist

  24. I liked the chapter, but I wonder if the story will ever go anywhere with how infrequent the chapters are, like the next one will be at the beginning of March, better that than the author's health deteriorating though

  25. I've said this once and i'll say it again. This dude is a god damn MVP.

  26. Dang, I'm surprised there was never like an announcement video about this on like Captain Sparklez 2, I wonder why it seemed like there was no advertisement for it

  27. Absolutely! I just never knew anyone prefered it/its. It seems a little dehumanising to me, but it isnt my place to tell them what they feel/prefer.

  28. Let me preface by saying I know very little on the subject, but I thought the same at one point too and when I looked it up for a bit, from what I saw, some people use it/its because they feel it fits them more and/or they want to take back the pronoun because in the past it/its was used as dehumanizing

  29. I think my submission for the series page is pending approval? I don’t really get their process, but I’ll get it up there soon in any case

  30. No, in fact from my understanding, RDR2 is a prequel

  31. When I saw the line "I'm a reader", all I could think about was that meme where it would probably go like:

  32. Dang I'm happy I found this comment since Parkour Deathrun gives a good amount, although it is creative xp though so from my understanding the amount it gives will go down the more I play it

  33. I think my favorite thing about this manga so far is the revolving door of surprisingly good translators that are doing each chapter lol

  34. I feel like I would like this more if Ichigoki was just figuring out his robot body and Misao didn't exist

  35. The room they found Barry in was his old place in season 2 which Fuches knew about so it was wrong place at the wrong time for Barry and Sally

  36. Ah yeah that's basically what I thought, the only reason I was confused was because that one mother and son went to the place he lived with Sally and didn't show them going to the roommate apartment so I thought Fuches only gave one of the addresses

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