1. Well i guess their Cuyahoga Falls location will be no more. I hope Summit County still gets the two

  2. Do not use mesh tape ever as a begginer. If i ever use mesh its for flats and durabond only. Just use paper tape and make sure there is lots of mud behind the tape before you pull tight.

  3. That store in Canton is in a ruff area, watch your back going to that place!

  4. I get the Bloom email Tuesdays about 1:00 every week. Stupid! Akron should have the weekly deals posted on their menu like other Blooms

  5. Just had it done in Cleveland area and from my virtual visit to surgery was a month and a half. Not to bad. On day 6 of recovery. University Hospital

  6. OK so update. There are 2 batches of MB#15. I'm awaiting a confirmation this afternoon on which one went to our dispensary in East Liverpool. That aside, I'm supplying below the test results for terpenes for both batches. Again at this moment I do not know which one is headed to the dispo. Additionally, on our labels on the jars will be a QR code which you can scan and it will pull up the entire test results from the lab for the flower. We are always transparent, we do not hide.

  7. Off subject here but are you guys still opening another dispensary in Cuyahoga Falls on State Road?

  8. Stroke? I'd do some googling just for fun but I don't have enough information.

  9. 1.25 stroke I believe. I have been looking but trying to get other advice also. I have found a refurbished of the same one for $200 but trying to go cheaper.

  10. Outside of dmr shocks you're not going to find anything cheaper. I'd go for that refurbished shock.

  11. Would love to make a donut with this. Gonna have to keep an eye out

  12. Yep , this seems totally legit πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ˜‚

  13. I think it is still going to be awhile, not sure on exact dates.

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