1. Ah I thought it was like a monster or something, I’ve never warcraft, I’d hardly say he solos the verse tho since some also have the power of a character that has the ability to eat planets

  2. There’s Naaru which is a naaru, there’s Naaru which are several naaru(naarus isn’t a word), and there’s the Naaru which is a faction which is what I was referring to.

  3. And it’s confined to a single planet from my understanding right? So that guy can just go “fuck it” and destroy it

  4. Weirdly enough choking my brother to death is actually how i beat him last time we fought

  5. The emperor is proud of you, big man.

  6. I like how the veteran doesn’t call him a mutant, but just big man, and seems to generally like him.

  7. He would be like that one AI ship where he sees that the galaxy is terrible and just leaves.

  8. In game grey doesn’t really care what empire you are though, he will just as happily serve a militaristic authoritarian as a pacifist egalitarian. And unlike the other ship it doesn’t really know anyone or how far they have fallen.

  9. they are elves, thats evil enough for me

  10. In one of the books, I forget which. We had a different thread about the doctor vs Rick and Morty and it got really freaking insane.

  11. To quote boomstick, the mask is a cartoon god that can just say ‘no’ to any damage.

  12. I actually send out a ship to explore ahead of surveys to find good chokes.

  13. I have lost a chokepoint to an advanced ai that decided the security of 1 system with 3 planets and another with 2. A third system had exotic gas. I was waiting on 2 influence points.

  14. Such a terrible feeling, that’s why I always go expansion first now.

  15. I prefer there not be any good guys, and instead empires be morally grey. That makes them more interesting and realistic.

  16. Depending on the difficulty level you're playing on, the AI gets bonuses to production and stability.

  17. We play normal speed and it is multi-session spanning game. We normally finish the game every 2 to 3 sessions with each session usually 3 to 4 hours.

  18. Ok, so as everyone said, it’s a mismatch stomp, because imperium stronk.

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