AITA for telling my child I canceled her birthday party?

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  1. So much so, that I've actually come to terms with it, and started to realize that this is just... it.

  2. Lonely enough to search "lonely" and respond to this 2 month old post.

  3. Did you know that 80% of the mass of a rocket ship is discarded after the first phase? Most of the energy goes directly to the initial separation from earths atmosphere.

  4. You're not just the AH you don't deserve to have children as well

  5. You've reached the point of no return and having an option like suicide is kinda relieving, therefore it's always there why not try everything and anything you are capable of before doing it, what could happen to you ? Die?

  6. "Embrace operates the National Lifeline in Lebanon (1564) for Emotional Support and Suicide Prevention Hotline, in partnership with the National Mental Health Program at the Ministry of Public Health." Please call a hotline if you ever feel you need help

  7. It really depends how you say it and what's the context behind it, for example, hayde mara akid le 3m tsou2, aw hayde mara ma feya ta3mel.... Yaane anything can turn offensive

  8. From where i see it, it seems that there's a rush, maybe rethink if you're living in your fantasy with the person and taking the next step, ignoring the deeper questions.

  9. The fact that you're still blaming it on "being drunk" tells a lot that you're not confronting that real issue you have inside.

  10. su_z says:

    What deck is this? My friend used to use these for readings.

  11. The whole point of those cards is what surrounds them and how close in proximity they are to you..those weren’t designed to do one card readings but it was a nice try OP… LOL..

  12. I was going to say this LoL i have this deck, Gypsy witch. It doesn't work like that at all

  13. Baze2 3al ghanam b2oloulak l dene 3m tchate, no matter how much you show them evidence of corruption they will find a loophole like a sheep being fed till it gets slaughtered.

  14. maybe her daughter getting sterilized is a sign that no more kids need to come for karmic reasons?

  15. I'd go with the left one, the one on the right seems a little twisted

  16. See ? That's your syndrome talking here. You can't change your mind because of one comment. Gotta go way deeper

  17. The grass is greener on the other side. Unless you are able to completely convince him to be childfree, he will always feel like he's missing out.

  18. You're totally right, thank you i needed this.

  19. Guess what? Our society is full of creeps. And this asshole belongs in that category. Any interaction you have with people in general and they give this " weird vibe" you mentioned, most of the time they turn out to be a creep .

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