1. I will proudly report we brought over 100 fans to 9 away matches this season 🫡

  2. 2014 was held in Brazil which allowed for time change to not affect that by much. Wonder if they do show at the shores if they open that early.

  3. All of the US matches in the group stage are scheduled for 1 pm.

  4. LV will be hosting parties at the pitch for USA England and Mexico Argentina. I know austin fc plans to host events for every match but details still to be announced

  5. They're actively expanding in DFW. Probably a great marketing move for them, but it feels so wrong

  6. Would be if anyone in Dallas cared about FCD lol

  7. Player chants would kick it up a notch and make it feel special! Can’t believe we don’t have any.

  8. There are chants for Ring and Diego but the fact that you and I’m sure many others don’t know, highlights why it’s hard to get new songs, especially player specific ones that aren’t sung as often, to catch on

  9. They don't score as many goals as Drussi does. Would sing the song a lot more haha

  10. Ironically a lot of the preservationists are too afraid of the changes needed to help keep austin affordable..which would help preserve our culture

  11. It’ll also make a lot more of the breweries more accessible from that side, especially fairweather and 4th tap

  12. Unfortunately no. We are pushing for them to start doing so though. They did sponsor a bus at no added cost to the tickets and everyone who bought those tickets got a scarf thrown in too. So it could be worse.

  13. They actually do. I do wish they were cheaper but they are cheaper than the seats sold to home fans in the same section. Edit: referring to austin fc FO not Dallas

  14. There’s ada seating at the bottom and in the middle of the section that I bet you could get if you ask before the match

  15. It’s insane that cars are even allowed on Rainey

  16. A little more clarification on this - we are in contact with the Assistant City Manager of Uvalde on how to best help the families in need.

  17. They did everything right…. Except for signing him in the first place…

  18. Yeah, someone suggested it in their Slack. At what point are some of these members just using the club or the SG as a soap box?

  19. “One person said something” sure got translated to “organization of 2000+ is considering doing…”

  20. These SGs do feel entitled, let’s not forget they block almost half the mid section rows for la murga and main los verde members and their friends. If they don’t know you then you’re not allowed to stand there with them or they will ask you who do you know… talk about y’all means all

  21. Reddit: mad when murga doesn’t stop playing Also Reddit: mad when murga stops playing

  22. Probably has something to do with a few mods being LV leaders and trying to push their agenda upon other groups.

  23. None of the mods are elected lv leaders

  24. Dang. Welp, glad I asked. That’s fair, though. It would be a bummer to be crowded out when you specifically bought a supporter section ticket.

  25. You should still give it a shot but maybe not do it every game. It’s almost never crowded at the top of the section people just get mad that it’s overcrowded where they wanna be at the bottom

  26. It's a supporters group, at the end of the day it's politics to them. The people at the top like power and the sense of being in control of something. They had a message they wanted to share and they used their power to share it. They don't care what the club thinks, they don't care what the facts of the situation are, hell...a lot of times they don't even care what other members of their SG thinks. Based on what others are saying here, SG members had no prior knowledge this messaging was going out.

  27. We'd been working on this message ever since he was suspended, and had invited our members to take part in the discussion several times.

  28. Well, I disagree that there were invitations for discussion. And the way slack is setup the history doesn’t indicate that either. I looked at the leadership channel, important announcements, and even the No DV channel. The only “call for vote” was the “hey come look at what we wrote” announcement that was rushed to acceptance a few days ago. Our votes are usually a 24-72 hours at the minimum, especially for something as important as this.

  29. Look, we can work on communicating better to members 100% agree. But like I said basically every time this discussion came up in slack, people were redirected to the no dv channel to discuss and craft a response for weeks. It definitely happened, and it's too bad more people didn't know about it and hopefully we get better in the future.

  30. Lmao at Seattle’s power ranking positions

  31. Looking forward to visiting in august! (And escaping the texas heat 😅)

  32. Gallagher has to be pushing for a starting role over Lima or Jimenez. He adds a lot of pace and directness when he comes in. He’s not a natural defender but his effort level and commitment to it is very high. Me likey.

  33. Jimenez had the assist on the goal. Haven’t seen Gallagher put in too many good crosses. I do love his pace at the end of the match tho

  34. Isn’t/wasn’t this a major issue in Houston too? Seems like any team in Texas should do anything it could to reduce possible sun exposure

  35. Luckily for us we basically only have day games during spring/fall

  36. A sounders fan celebrating a Timbers win from below austin and Portland in the table? Oof. At least wait til after you come to q2 next week to talk your shit

  37. So many shittalkers can’t handle some banter on this website

  38. im with you on this lineup, but would hope Djitte progres and takes over for Urruti, and Urruti is our chaos man off the bench. Wonder how much will see Finlay in... I assume if he comes in that could be to either rest Diego, or Diego could slide over to the left and rest Cecilio. It'll be nice knowing that when we rotate players this year it wont feel like punting on a game entirely

  39. Lots of times you might not be able to find trees in the winter and there’s usually better stock in fall or spring (better planting time)

  40. Brutal but true: “I’m not convinced that Austin have a single starting-caliber CB on the roster, and they certainly have no LB depth behind Zan Kolmanic.”

  41. Romaña is one of the few players that I can confidently say improved over last season. I’m happy with him being a starter but ya we definitely needs a more experienced partner and we need depth across the back line

  42. Everyone needs to chill about the defender talk... every one is well aware that we need to sign defenders, let's worry about that if we don't have a defender in a month. If nothing else with Urruti, it's incredible to me to have depth so that we might actually be excited for a sub or we won't be devastated if we rotate for a midweek game, etc. Now, I just keep wondering - are we really keeping Hoesen still? That's a loot of money invested at striker to keep 2 of those guys on the bench half or more of the time.

  43. It would be kinda weird for us to have held on to Hoesen this long and let him go now. But maybe we wanted to make sure we had another reliable #9 before we cut him loose.

  44. ya especially if the price is right, the fact that Urruti is domestic, makes this a great signing I think

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