1. Time is money. I want to see 100 lines written by lunchtime!

  2. Beta Release was invented by one lazy-ass test engineer.

  3. My boss thinks that's what agile means

  4. Guys, this is a big misunderstanding. I was playing truth or dare with Jeff and Bill and they dared me to buy Twitter. What else was I supposed to do??

  5. Google says minecraft uses 20 ticks per second. So planck time would be 1/20 seconds, meaning light speed would be 20 m/s, if I'm not mistaken

  6. you can't travel in a car. If you do, time will slow down for and your mass will keep on increasing. Travel in an airplane and you've lost the track of time. Travel at 20m/s and theoretically you'll have infinite mass!

  7. unordered_map doesn't guarantee the order of the data to be ascending, map does... It's a key thing to keep in mind when solving such problems...

  8. but unordered_map is fast, my solution goes from 600ms runtime to 1500ms after using map.

  9. and surprisingly there are some articles which are claiming map is in fact faster than unordered_map, but in my case solution with unordered_map is much faster then with map(with the fact than I had to sort the list in case of unordered_map).

  10. Just watched a video about how vanilla JS is faster than any framework. It's time we do a rewrite.

  11. You mean libtorrent and SQLite file. Yeah I remember

  12. ✓-1 am not poor. ✓-1 have ✓-1mag✓-1nary fortune, wh✓-1ch ✓-1s not v✓-1s✓-1ble or access✓-1ble by real world.

  13. but i is literally ✓-1, which is either +✓-1 or -✓-1.

  14. TypeScript, because it aims to help handle the steaming pile of shit that is JavaScript.

  15. and eventually you end up with bigger pile of shit

  16. Same, I was questioning my whole maths knowledge

  17. I am still questioning my math knowledge being part of mathmeme.

  18. congratulation. you are one of the lucky users who landed here. you won a chance to meet our senior developer.

  19. "on a unrelated note, what exactly did you do before winning this meeting with me?"

  20. To us, math is just the 4 special symbols that do stuff to numbers, and the Math object which is loaded with functions

  21. I am too programmer, but unfortunately, I am very good at maths.

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