1. You can make it more general if you're concerned about job security, but yes they probably should use a technical writer who would in turn, interview you, but then they will get even more detailed on your role, so why not take this opportunity to write it the way you want , and show you can knock it out

  2. I'd stick with it, you need the experience,. Part of the idea is your being paid in knowledge since you don't know anything yet. Is there opportunity for this to lead into a position?

  3. Unfortunately, no they let me know that at the beginning

  4. Generally these positions are short term and have a scheduled end date,al while that is approaching you could spend time going on interviews and if you find something elsewhere , jump ship, but I'd only do that if your not gaining anything from the experience

  5. I think we should stop letting kids get their heads blown off by guns

  6. Automobiles are better than horse and buggy

  7. They're funny,, they don't know how to do anything

  8. It's not about number of people, but rather who holds political and economic power and control. As example, South Africa had minority white population, but they held oppressive power during apartheid.

  9. Per the US Census, definitions of minorities are pretty clear cut

  10. At the current rate seems logical

  11. Political stagnation in DC is generally good for markets

  12. You needed a drywaller or plasterer

  13. Could it be that Asian people who eat sushi make it better at home?

  14. It's got a great brand, I don't see it going Anywhere but up

  15. Sounds like someone has been having a good time

  16. Consulting companies are slave employers and will work you until there is nothing left in your soul, all about billable hours

  17. Could someone explain. The discrepancy between vix today and the s&p?

  18. Try the newest enlarged nerds, crunchy and chewy

  19. Want to hang out with your wang out?

  20. The countless trees alone that have been saved by eliminating most newspapers

  21. Something that can be used for something

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