1. I’ve historically used “gopher” for the person running my tools and equipment

  2. Yup I work 30 min away from my house and leave at 5:30 am. This winter is going to be interesting

  3. I’m also from VA, I can’t recommend heated grips enough. The ones from Oxford are superb and have an auto off feature so no worries about killing your battery if you don’t turn them off.

  4. I have a set of their crash bars on my Concourse 14, great products and solid company IMO. Dropped my bike in the parking lot and they didn’t flinch an it’s a 700lb bike. Dragged the bars in a corner and no issues just some scratches. They also take customer feedback seriously from what I’ve heard.

  5. I’ve never had to work with iron wood as a building material but as a Sawyer it’s a pain to cut and remove. Very dense and if you hit the roots with a pick ax you’ll definitely know cause it’ll just bounce off and laugh.

  6. I typically run a full skip chain on all my saws aside from my 261 and 201tc since they don’t offer full skip in the stock bar/ sprocket combos. Also a full skip chain on a top handle saw would be a menace. Honestly tho so long as you have a sharp chain it’s not too bad.

  7. In construction it’s more about your reputation then your formal education. I have no formal higher education an make decent money in construction as a project manager. I started as a driver for the owner of a construction company then moved into a site superintendent for a small commercial job due to my previous management experience and ability to read plans. Just like you I had no experience I just busted my ass and kept exceeding expectations which opened several doors with other companies. Know your worth and find a company that values it.

  8. What in the absolute butchered fuck is that? Jesus pruning 101 is the ABC cut to prevent peeling. Great job OP given the fuckery you had to work with.

  9. Bruh lag screws are ALWAYS the lesser choice for wood to wood or wood framing connectors.

  10. That video is 8years old. Self drilling lags are a solid code approved choice. Even Simpson ST recommends the use of their SD screws as suitable alternatives to hanger nails. I’m not sure where you get your information from but it’s flawed imo.

  11. I absolutely agree that all the self drilling structural screws are an entirely different animal than lag screws, that’s WHY I specifically called out lag screws as a poor choice.

  12. Precision instruments aren’t constructed to be durable and take falls. The best you’ll get durability wise is the ability to lock the pendulums for transport. Even my “inexpensive lasers used for framing an other construction task are sensitive equipment that can’t just be manhandled.

  13. Alpinestars, Dainese an LS2 make solid womens gear and have different color ways then just pink.

  14. Four options for logs that are on the ground (as opposed to logs that are laying on top of another object):

  15. I love those mini wedges, I keep one on my climbing harness. Not a good time if your bar gets pinched while in the canopy. Also like you said, perfect for ground work when larger wedges can’t be used.

  16. I flared this as informative for one reason: backfill every 2 rows. Don't be me.

  17. While 57 clean stone makes for a great drainage base and backfill of clean stone for drainage I’d recommend setting the base courses in rock dust atop of the 57 stone. Only need about 2” and just set the block once level with a mallet. The rock dust isn’t very permeable so it’s not to be used for drainage but can be and should be used for setting and leveling the blocks.

  18. Came here to say this, that wall is towing the line of needing geogrid reinforcements. It really helps prevent wall failure. When building a block retaining wall the manufacturer will typically specify engineered requirements for a wall below certain high then state above that high requires a engineer for that specific project. Example is in my area any walls 4’+ need a engineer to sign off on them and permits.

  19. Ideally the right tires help immensely. Frog toggs make some solid rain gear if you wish to remain some what dryer.

  20. Where does the other end of this hose go? (Misidentifying drain hoses)

  21. Lol I’m having this mental battle right now on my first bike. Open ended hoses just look strange.

  22. If one of the fastest riders I know runs a pair on his KTM SD 1290 then I think they’ll do just fine for street riding. If you’re pushing a set Road series tires to a point of failure on the street then you’re riding WAY TOO FAST. Full stop, like I’m not talking about some spirited runs down back roads fast I’m saying irresponsibly fast.

  23. I have, while I love them I find my riding style and needs mean the Road series is a better fit. I purposely ride in the rain an even road into a downpour just to play around.

  24. Motorcycles are something I’m personally passionate about. I only gave up motorcycles for a few years when my daughter was born cause I knew I wouldn’t have the time to ride them as much, their an expensive hobby and tiny humans are expensive and I was terribly reckless an needed to mature a bit more if I was going to have motorcycles and a kid.

  25. Welp this I going to be beautiful in the winter when it gets slammed by the region’s notorious wind storms.

  26. I'd recommend a steel H-beam. This is undersupported IMO.

  27. Nope completely fine an more then sufficient in most cases. Good luck waiting months for your steel to arrive from the fab shop for something so mundane and unnecessary. I’d only use steel in residential building if I was doing some serious spans or dealing with masonry. For most stick built homes it’s a bit much.

  28. Is there a reenforced footing below those posts? Looks like no.

  29. If this is a load bearing wall which would be the only reason to install an LVL vs no header at all then yes their should be a center beam/pier running under these jacks.

  30. If the spark plugs on your car are easily accessible I’d do them yourself, it’ll cost about $50 for four of them and take less then an hour.

  31. The gloves are Alpinestars women’s series, they make a mens counterpart which is the summer glove I wear.

  32. As I’ve commented above, as far as I’m aware there’s no need to break up the concrete, I’d keep whole and get a concrete recycler to collect on a flatbed arctic? Let them crush it and recycle.

  33. WEIGHT and getting the slabs rigged to place on a flatbed, sounds like a lot more time and cost for the same results. Those slabs weight few tons

  34. Telehandler to load if needed (not sure what rates for one would be in the US… UK you can get one large enough $400 for a week) and ratchets stack three high. Did this with 30,000m2 of 200mm C40.

  35. They’d run you about that much a day here. Equipment rentals here are harsh. Hence why I run rental equipment like I stole it, if imma get bent over rate wise imma run that son of a bitch ragged.

  36. I run a Sena 50s in my helmet while my gf and daughter have Sena Spider ST1 in their respective helmets. The ST1 isn’t a bad unit for its sub $200 price point but no doubt the 50s is a much nicer unit especially if you spring for the Harman Kardon upgrade. The audio quality as well as the upgraded mic is with it as when on coms it doesn’t pick up the wind. Nice thing about the newer Senas vs Cardo units is USB-C which supports quick charging, it’s a nice bonus as it’ll charge an almost dead unit back to a few hours of life in the time it takes for a decent rest break. While the Sena units don’t carry a weather resistant rating I can attest that’s not been an issue for either of my Sena units. I’ve been in torrential downpours and havnt had any issues.

  37. Even us experienced riders with years under our belts have experiences that scare us. Hell yesterday I was riding my bike with a pillion in sever thunderstorms an with the wind and heavy rains it wasn’t fun and few sketchy scenarios due to car drivers going 10-20min on the highway and we’ll bikes aren’t particularly stable under 20min on the best of days let along with wind gust. Keep your head up and keep rolling and you’ll do just fine. Don’t beat yourself up about it too much.

  38. Best not to compromise when it comes to safety, ESPECIALLY in regards to helmets. Go with a reputable brand that at minimum complies with the safety standards of your country. If you’re looking for something budget friendly I recommend HJC and Bell. Both make helmets from budget friendly to higher end offerings. I’ve personally stuffed my head in many HJC till I was spoiled by Shoei.

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