1. dont fall in the same shit that Dems fell with trump, where whatever he said, whatever he did was wrong, lower price of insuline ? BAD, pipeline for gas supply from ally country ? BAD and other things that should be unilaterally viewed as good.

  2. Thank you! I wish i saw this type of comme t in more places. Sometimes, it feel like everyone just wants this to be an easy peasy, no thinking involved, zero-sum game.

  3. Bill, it was a different time. It was back when we didn't know the Russians were incompetent.

  4. I want to hear what SLED did or didn’t do. That testimony is going to be interesting. The tire tracks should have been preserved, that was a mistake by LE letting cars drive over them. I though the defense did a good job on that point, as well as the lack of photographs on the tracks and footprints that were walked over before being processed. A search warrant was issued and supposedly handed over to SLED, but it seems like maybe the house/main residence was never searched thoroughly perhaps? I think the defense did good on raising some doubts on potential crime science contamination or not securing some evidence. The weather didn’t make it easy or the fact SLED was 2 hours away supposedly. 18 mins also seems like a very very long time to arrive on scene after a 911 call. The line of questioning by Dick Harpootlian was bad in the beginning (maybe the tech difficulties threw his line of questioning off), but questions got a lot better as time went on. He raised some concerns in my mind…

  5. You know, I'm starting to think that our elected officials are all morons.

  6. That's why i think the vast majority of conspiracy theories/theorists are bullshit. Really? You think these people are all in sync and playing 4d chess?

  7. After the fact, there's plenty more that could've been done to pay for the crimes of the government. Like prosecuting them. And paying and sending people to remove the unexploded munitions, paying reparations to all the families affected, in multiple countries. Paying to rebuild the countries that were destroyed to benefit the elite, even if it was only about their egos.

  8. It doesn’t seem that Russians are too eager to invade Ukraine. US citizens on the other hand still looks fondly on the sacrifices in the Middle East for “freedom”.

  9. I went to protests i wrote letters i got kicked out of college classes, i got called a terrorist sympathizer,joined groups . i did everything legal that possibly could. Tell me what i should have done. If not, please kindly fuck off

  10. Illiyoon Ceramide ato Concéntrate Cream!!! Hands down. I have normal to dry, sensitive, blemish prone skin. I started using it at night because of the weather (cold UK winters) but now I use it AM and PM since I started using Adapalene which seriously dries my skin.

  11. They don't care. They are just happy they won and are able to hurt people that they perceive as weaker or less morally correct than them. If she were moral, their god would have let the pregnancy go well so she must have done something to deserve it.

  12. Correct. They believe they have the moral high ground in all things.

  13. Its the "virtue signaling" that they've always accused other people of

  14. Can confirm. Before the pandemic I was extremely articulate in conversation.

  15. It's too bad because he actually managed to create something real and visceral and interesting for a few weeks there. From what I see now, it's pretty much 70% on the way back to the same shit-hole it was pre-Musk. I guess he didn't fire quite enough of those diversity officers and content censors and "Equity and Inclusion" consultants after all.

  16. I think they have things/objects/books that aren't related to Christianity or even religion at all...perhaps early scientific theories

  17. Oh those texts are very interesting. Just not for your average person who is probably not interested in, say, what some dude in Syria in the 12th century thought about the hierarchies of angels and how it relates to some other dude’s writings in 7th century Greece on the same subject.

  18. He didn't give a single valid reason. At no point did Pelosi have the opportunity to vote to codify Roe vs Wade and stopped it.

  19. I'm on disability and frankly I'm in hell. Emotional hell, because I'm completely isolated and live alone. Can't even have a roommate or I lose my housing voucher. My disabilities are isolating enough but this situation makes it worse. I'm trapped in poverty and cannot get off benefits even if I do get better somehow. If I get better enough to get kicked off, I'll end up on the streets. I'm constantly stressed by this and don't really make enough to cover everything. My food stamps just got cut again. And I work part time too, also from home, so I don't see people at work either. Even if you make enough to have extra, you're not allowed to have savings or you'll lose your housing benefits and food stamps, which you need because SSDI doesn't give you enough to live on. I really don't know how much longer I'm going to last, but have absolutely no way out and no alternatives.

  20. I feel ya, im kinda in the same position. I have bipolar and on disability. Saved my life. I finally figured out the right drug "cocktail " and doing better than i ever have been.. but i can't do anything now. If i got a job, id lose my insurance and could no longer afford my meds. And then i spiral out, and i can't go back to that kind of darkness. So i just t sit at home, i go out a cpl of times a week to do my dads laundry, dishes, etc, but otherwise, I am quite isolated. Im wasting my life. Fucking useless.. i don't know what to do

  21. What was the medication that helped if you don’t mind me asking? I just started Wellbutrin and seroquel. I’m so scared cause I just turned 36 and I suffer from not just chronic depression anxiety bipolar disorder etc Im also in horrible physical pain. It’s hard getting out of bed not just from the depression but physically I’m in pain all over. I can even manage to take care of myself on a basic level :/

  22. It took the better part of 15ish yrs but: wellbutrin xl, lamictal, prozac, buspar, xanex & vyvanse..i tried seroquel and hated it (but fwiw, l know someone who swore by seroquel). I was diagnosed with bipolar type 2, anxiety disorder, ADD, and also, PTSD.

  23. ah, a fellow time traveler. There is no use telling them about 2029... they won't listen.

  24. We were dying our hair green (and orange, pink, purple, etc) as teens in the 90s, so it's been a thing like forever. It definitely seems to be becoming more popular with a different genre of teens, which I think is what you meant. Back then, only the "weird kids" had the "odd" colored hair. (Source: I was one of the weird kids.)

  25. And back then you'd get trash thrown at you, and yelled at to "get a haircut" and asked if you "fucked a Smurf" if it was blue (which still makes no sense to me). By adults, too, it wasn't just the other kids at school.

  26. I had every v color possible in late 90s. Beside being threatened with school suspensions from administrators. Various Comments i received:

  27. I'm sure there was an article on here a while back about police finding the same DNA at various crime scenes.

  28. Casefile podcast did an episode on what i believe you're referring to

  29. As the other posters are saying, there's actually a surprising lack of evidence any abuse took place. Michael Jackson was mentally messed up due to a variety of factors from his father, his childhood, the pepsi incident, surgeries, meds, etc., not to mention the lack of privacy that went into anything he wanted to do thanks to his stardom. What he did do, which was incredibly inappropriate, was have children stay in his house with the permission of their parents. Now obviously this looks incredibly sus, and for good reason. Frankly, I don't blame anyone for thinking the worst of the situation. But that said, literally every "witness" that testified against him was shown to either be provably lying or likely lying because they saw Jackson as easy money from lawsuits. Why did they think this? Well, because he was. Jackson settled multiple lawsuits he likely could've won because he just didn't want to deal with the people or the court system. Given that, anyone who had a kid who was anywhere near Jackson saw that as a free way to make a buck off a broken man. People like Corey Feldman, who famously came out as having been abused by many people from his childhood, defended Jackson saying that they were friends and that Jackson never once touched him or did anything inappropriate.

  30. Im not taking a position, but i have seen it argued that feldman and caulkin were in positions of power-a different, higher class - and less likely to be subjected to abuse. All the other boys were lower class and financially beholden to him .

  31. I wish i had kept a record like this for my mom. About 2 yrs before she passed, she could only sign her name with a series of what i suspect were R's (no Rs in her actual name)

  32. Back when I was younger, I used to think that elected officials were one of the most educated and understood the laws. Now I'm seriously thinking about going into politics.

  33. It is easy to believe because vinces' previous actions make it believable

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